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  • StationWagon - 21 votes
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2024-07-02 19:43:24

10/10 server. will play for like, two hundred more hours. amazing players, plugins, everything is perfect.


2024-06-23 02:06:54

love the friendly social environment, lots of friendly users that are verry helpful


2024-05-20 20:33:37

Incredibly warm welcomes from staff and should be a must for people interested in a good experience


2023-11-21 14:00:42

Fantastic Server! Has Jobs, Towny, and a good Survival Exp for all.


2023-11-18 02:17:15

I love it! The roleplay and fun is amazing I just think it should be easier to do brewery but I love it!


2023-09-17 11:07:24

really fun server and nice staff and communtiy the only problem is the time it takes them to answer some tickets.


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.vestriamc.com

Sick of joining server after server only to find pay-to-win donations, unhelpful staff, and the same old rehashed features? So were we! Thats why we created Vestria: a play-to-win Towny server built with a welcoming community, original content, and interesting plugins. Best of all, Vestria is not another hub server masquerading as a Towny server. We are fully committed to Towny and work to continuously improve our Towny experience by offering fair and balanced gameplay with a focus on fun!

IP: play.vestriamc.com

Vestria is so much more than just another content-based server- we are a community of friends. While Vestria is a newer server, our community has been established for several years. How have we kept the same core group for so long? Its easy: we focus on community-building activities and creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We also enjoy running a variety of fun events, from painting and building contests to PvP events to egg hunts- you name it, weve probably done something like it!

One of the main things that sets Vestria apart from all other servers is our unique in-game ranks. Vestrias server ranks are built around our Guilds system. Theres a Guild for every type of playstyle imaginable - from farmer and miner, to builder and artist, and everything in between! Our Guilds system integrates with our Jobs system, allowing players to gather money while working on ranking. What separates our ranks from other servers is that our Guild rank system is dynamic - instead of merely requiring cash or ontime, each rank has been specially crafted to require a combination of mcMMO/Jobs stats, structures, and other Guild-specific requirements. As you rank up, each rank gained unlocks new perks or abilities, including exclusive server features.

No server would be complete without plugins, and Vestria offers a wide variety! Create beautiful map art with our ArtMap plugin, brew fun drinks with special effects with our custom brewery recipes, design intricate furniture or decorations with our ArmorStandEditorPlugin, and more. Interact with classic favorites, such as Towny, Jobs, and mcMMO. All of our plugins, many of them custom only to Vestria, help us create the unique server flavor that is Vestria!

Our community is led by an experienced team of friendly staff members who are there to support you throughout your journey. We run on a dedicated server and constantly work to eliminate technical issues and tweak performance to ensure top-quality playing experience. We also have an active Discord server with plenty of friendly people to help you get started!

Want to see for yourself what makes us great? Join us today!

IP: play.vestriamc.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/H4Zrpdq9Tg
Website: https://vestriamc.com