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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: dav.commisioncorp.com

We are a community of Minecrafters with a love of exploring the game for what it is. The server supports both Bedrock and Java versions. We enjoy meeting new people and seeing what we can do within the borders of vanilla Minecraft. We reset our world for 1.17 and we're excited to create new experiences in version 1.18!

-Running on Paper with a small amount of plugins.
-Plugins include: CoreProtect, Dynmap, Luckperms, and Votifier.
-No usage of /tp, /sethome, etc.
-Balanced vote rewards (No Diamonds!!!)
-EULA compliant!
-No land claim plugins
-Optional personal keepInventory (contact an administrator to enable)
-Long-term world. Resets are NOT HAPPENING.
-Friendly community and staff
-Occasional planned server events
-The Capital - a server-wide community city project
-Announcements and chat through Discord
-Vanilla-Style Survival
-Bedrock Crossplay!
-We also have a web map! (Pl3xMap)

Worried about getting to 1.18 chunks in an older world? We are creating a new city called the "Capitwo" in 1.18 generation about 6000 blocks away. Free teleportation will be provided between spawn and the Capitwo. (Teleportation is not normally a part of our server - we have done this to alleviate some of the negative effects of long-term worlds.)

-No stealing
-No griefing
-No hacking
-No PvP, unless agreed upon
-Refrain from defamation, harassment, etc.
-No creating potentially offensive structures and content
-Generally, just be a nice person.

This server is whitelisted. Please go to the Google Form provided to be accepted. We do this to weed out griefers, hackers, and people that want to ruin others' days in general.
Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

VotingPlugin, CoreProtect, Luckperms, Dynmap, Geyser, Floodgate