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Updated:2024-01-09 10:48:17
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Country:United States
Afternoon Teacraft
5 stars based on 13 reviews
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ATC is my home, I played years ago and I'm playing now. If that's not enough for you to stop by for a sippy sip, idk what to tell you.


Indulge me, if you will, in recounting my recent expedition into the enchanting world of Afternoon TeaCraft, a sanctuary nestled within the boundless expanse of Minecraft. Within its virtual confines, I discovered a realm brimming with warmth, camaraderie, and an unwavering dedication to excellence, all thanks to the exceptional cadre of individuals who steward its vast landscapes. At the helm of Afternoon TeaCraft stands Liz, a beacon of leadership whose unwavering dedication and vision have sculpted this server into a bastion of community and creativity. Under her guidance, the server flourishes, radiating an aura of inclusivity and belonging that welcomes players from far and wide. Winter, the masterful developer behind the scenes, orchestrates the intricate mechanics that underpin the very essence of Afternoon TeaCraft. With deft skill and boundless creativity, Winter crafts a world where possibilities are as limitless as the imagination, ensuring that each player's journey is filled with wonder and delight. Spoon and Cat, the vigilant moderators, stand as bastions of order and harmony within the realm. Their watchful eyes and unwavering dedication ensure that the server's standards are upheld with grace and efficiency, fostering an environment where players can explore and create without fear or hindrance. Joined by Rey and Baurd, esteemed administrators of Afternoon TeaCraft, this illustrious team forms the backbone of the server's operation. With their sage guidance and unwavering commitment to excellence, Rey and Baurd provide invaluable support to players and staff alike, ensuring that the server remains a welcoming haven for all who seek refuge within its digital embrace. Together, under Liz's steadfast leadership, this formidable ensemble of individuals creates an experience that transcends the mere confines of a Minecraft server. Their collective efforts embody the very essence of hospitality and community, fostering an environment where players can forge lasting friendships and embark on grand adventures. In summary, Afternoon TeaCraft is more than just a Minecraft server; it is a testament to the transformative power of virtual realms when guided by individuals who possess not only technical acumen but also a genuine passion for fostering community and creativity. If you find yourself in search of a digital haven where warmth and camaraderie abound, look no further than the welcoming embrace of Afternoon TeaCraft.


Ah, but of course, my dear friends! Allow me to regale you with further delights of "Afternoon Teacraft," for it is not merely in its everyday splendour that this server shines, but also in its exquisite celebrations. In the spirit of amour and gallantry, "Afternoon Teacraft" hosts a most delightful Valentine's event, where players partake in acts of endearment as sweet as the finest confections. Picture, if you will, a veritable cornucopia of sugared delights, where one may bestow upon their fellow companions the most exquisite candies, each a token of affection and camaraderie. In this enchanted celebration, amidst the rolling hills and quaint cottages, players exchange these delectable treats with the tenderness of courtly love. It is a time of jubilation and merriment, where the bonds of friendship are strengthened and the spirit of camaraderie reigns supreme. So, my esteemed companions, do not tarry in joining this festive affair! Whether you seek the thrill of adventure or the warmth of companionship, "Afternoon Teacraft" offers a sanctuary of refinement and delight, where every moment is imbued with the sweetest of sentiments. Raise your goblets high, and let us revel in this Valentine's celebration like true connoisseurs of the heart! Cheers, dear friends!


Really fun and chill people. The sysem is always being updated and everyone will help you achieve what your goal is set for.


This server has changed my entire perception on life. I used to be some 9-5 wagie who couldn't get the girls, couldn't get the cool cars that make the most noise. It was embarrassing! So I know what you are thinking, what did I do?


Yo fam, lemme tell ya 'bout Afternoon Teacraft, innit? Dis Minecraft server be like a mad ting straight outta London, bruv. When you step into dis pixelated ends, you feel like you're rollin' with the mandem in a proper cosy pub, ya get me? Dem lot in Afternoon Teacraft, they talk like they're from the block, but their vibe is proper friendly, like they've known you since day one. The map, blud, it's like a sick blend of countryside vibes and urban hustle. You got rolling hills and little villages that make you wanna grab a cuppa and kick back, ya feel? But then there's also this gritty edge, like you're wandering through the back alleys of East London, ready for whatever madness comes your way. But it ain't just about the scenery, fam. Afternoon Teacraft hooks it up proper with the community vibes. From the marketplace where mans are hustling their goods to the rave cave where the party don't stop, there's always something popping off. And you know what? Everyone's welcome, whether you're a builder, a warrior, or just looking to link up with some new mates. And the gameplay? Bruv, it's off the chain. You can go toe-to-toe with mobs, go on mad quests, or just chill and build whatever your heart desires. It's like the ultimate flex, innit? You do you, fam, and Afternoon Teacraft's got your back. So, in conclusion, Afternoon Teacraft ain't just a Minecraft server, it's a whole vibe. It's where Shakespeare meets the streets, where you can kick it with the mandem and live out your wildest dreams. So why wait? Jump in, fam, and let's make some memories in the digital hood of Afternoon Teacraft!

Screenshot from Afternoon Teacraft Minecraft Server
Discover an all new yet familiar experience at Afternoon Teacraft. Putting the ice cream in vanilla, ATC features a range of exciting additions that all feel right at home. Forge new friendships with our immersive custom Guild system. Earn bonus rewards just for playing the game, plus a range of regular events to take part in that keep things fresh and delicious. Increased your rank to access perks, train your skills and become a Grand Master. Relaxed gameplay, a welcoming community and friendly staff keep things cosy. New features added regularly, highly active development.

What kind of Minecraft Server is Afternoon Teacraft?

Afternoon Teacraft is a Minecraft Survival Server that specifically serves players using the Java edition of the game. The server aims to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for players to enjoy a balanced and engaging Survival experience.

They offer the following server quality standards: Family-friendly

Types of Games and Gameplay on Afternoon Teacraft?

Minecraft servers offer a diverse range of game modes and gameplay types, which is what sets them apart from one another. Afternoon Teacraft is a Minecraft server that offers several types of games and gameplay, including Roleplay, PVE, McMMO, Economy modes.

Server software used to run Afternoon Teacraft?

Using custom server software provides additional features, customization options, and plugin support compared to the original Minecraft server jar. This server has registered their server to use the following server software: Spigot

How do I join the Afternoon Teacraft server?

Join with Minecraft Java edition

  • Click on the Java IP here to copy it:
  • Open Minecraft and click the Multiplayer tab and click Add Server
  • Paste the IP into the Add Server option. Click Done
  • Click Join and enjoy playing on Afternoon Teacraft
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