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Ethicraft Econosurvival
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: fun.ethicraft.net

Econosurvival NonPVP, 247 41 Slot Mature Fair staff Well planned economy with server shops buying a multitude of items at fair prices Towny, MobArena, TreasureHunt, PAINTWAR, Chestshops. Custom Plugins Galore! TEAMSPEAK SERVER!!

{Towny disabled until 1.8 upgrade occurs}


DEC 2013: We are reborn, our first wipe-clean in our 2 year history, for a fresh start with all new map and economy balances - welcome back for a fresh restart, or welcome for a fresh new start.

Maybe some luck with our LOTTERY helps boost your balance.  WAR arenas for pvp play self contained games, not main world play.

Deadbolt containerdoorstand protection. Totally modified PAINTWAR customized plugin. Owner writes custom plugins for server.

Guests must register for Builder rank but can otherwise explore and play mobarena. All other ranks are provided free and automatically at total-playtime elapsed intervals of 10h, 30h, 70h, 200h, and 600h, or given to donors.   PVP disabled everywhere except within isolated game arenas .

We are established on the foundation of ethical behavior from the staff after seeing too many good servers nose-dive when immature kids with ops seek revenge for a schoolyard comment. Staff is carefully selected after many weeks and months of observation to reflect the high standards of the owner for fairness, judgement, and patience.

Security and stability of the server is a high priority for the owner who is OCDish about server errors and goes out of his way to make sure his peeps are cared for right.

Hosted with MPSERV top edge hardware with SSD storage minimizes server-lag into the realm of lag free claims - any lag is almost always from the client end wrong java environment or network stress, and not server-side.

We are based on the foundation that a solid and fair economy server has no place for ANY participating players owner included to spawn items, change gamemodes, use Too-many-items, or worldedit for personal use.

We will not give free items, change your gamemode, worldedit land for you, change the time, or stop the rain though it is weather-regulated.

We WILL though start you out with 150 game credits, and the back command is given to all builders.   100 for voting for this server ad as well - each time!

If you are looking for a site like us, you are going to love it here. We would love to see you here.

towny, mobarena, lottery, treasurehunt, essentials, war, chestshop, worldguard, orebfuscastor, server_owner_written_custom_plugins_lots