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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: randomchimp.no-ip.org:20013

Pawstep Pathway is a server based on the popular and wonderful Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. To join, we require that you have read the ENGLISH version of Into the Wild, the first Warriors book. You will be tested on this matter.

On this roleplay server, there are four fanclans- FrondClan, GladeClan, PeakClan, and BrackenClan. Each Clan has its own general Clan personality and a unique biome for each territory.

FrondClan is kind but shockingly defensive against loners. They live in a towering mega taiga.

GladeClan is passive and kind, and they live in the open plains (originally taiga, but we removed the trees :P).

PeakClan is full of great climbers. Theyre the Clan considered the least friendly by the others, partially because of the high craggy mountains they live in that barricade them from the rest, partially because of past experience.

BrackenClan is the most mysterious Clan. Their cats are brave, and living in a shadowed roofed forest, they are DEFINITELY not afraid of the dark.

There is also a special Clan for members with the rank of Trusted or higher,
BeachClan has many special abilities and customs. They have colorful, metallic pelts, fins, and the ability to breathe underwater.

This server has a full list of staff, and you will be banned if you ask for a staff rank.

Im sorry about all the text here and on the servers spawn, but this is a server based on reading and words.

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