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DVGaming.COM Snapshot Server
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mine3.dvgaming.com

Join us in exploring new Minecraft features and enjoy vanilla survival fun, everybody is welcome!

This is a vanilla PvE survival server that is automatically updated to the latest snapshot version once Mojang releases one.

We have a player statistics browser for your entertainment: http://mine3.dvgaming.com/

VANILLA means:
- There are no mods installed whatsoever, we use the clean Minecraft server JAR as released by Mojang.
- We have no such concept as roles, everybody is equal.
- There is no grief protection. It is not allowed and caught griefers are banned, but it also cannot be avoided. We recommend building far away ~10k block from the spawn area and storing your valuables in ender chests.

GAME SETTINGS, a few exceptions from pure vanilla:
- TNT and TNT Minecarts are instantly removed via command blocks.
- The spawn area is kept safe from mobs via command blocks.
- Fire spread is disabled.
- Creeper explosions do not destroy the world.

With rules, less is more and common sense applies. Play in any way you want but respect others, dont use abusive language in the chat.

We have an RCON-powered newsticker that shows some info ingame every now and then.

We have a Discord channel that you can ask for. The invite is also given by the ticker every once in a while.