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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.altcraft.net

A nice little mcMMO-free survival server.

Here are some of the features/plugins installed:
- Factions,
- Lilypad Economy
- Creative world freebuild, non-plotme, with worldedit access
- Hardcore world popular right now
- General survival commands, e.g. /tpa /home /back

The claim to being alternate is mostly due to the fact that every month or so, on scheduled days, you will log on to find yourself in a server Event!
These Events are server-wide competitions between all players, challenging players on various skills.

In case you were worrying, donators do not get any major advantages in these events or in the default world, no matter how much dough they choke up for the server

And of course, there are PRIZES for the players who wins!

...I must reveal to you that the main survival world is Flatlands, but it 147 blocks deep comes with naturally generated ores, caves, trees, mineshafts, rivers, dungeons, etc. These other generations occur because each has been specifically added to the world-seed.

Lastly, Id like to point out that although A.C. has been running privately for numerous years since 2012, this server is still relatively new population-wise, with probably only around 20 players who play consistently, and the current average is 1-5 online at a given time. Some people might see this as a reason not to play, but others will see it as an opportunity to get a head start in the world!

Website: www.altcraft.net

http:wwwaltcraftnetplugins : WorldGuard, Essentials, Playerheads, EnchantBook, WorldEdit, Multiverse-Core, Factions, ChatManager, EvHorseOwners, Essentials, PotionLord