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2024-03-13 09:39:28

Amazing city rp server, I highly recommend playing as it is very realistic with businesses and politics


2024-03-03 20:58:10

i like it, i dont like that i cant find soul speed


2023-12-02 11:52:04

A great community and a chill server, it will never give you up and never let you down


2023-12-01 11:07:55

Great community that welcomed me when i first joined in 2017, never let me down and never gave me up!


2023-11-30 16:40:06

A server with a driven community, one that your Minecraft dreams of richness can come true, or even if you dream of governing a land of Minecraft that can come true as well! The possibility's that you can achieve on here are endless!


2023-11-30 16:05:12

This server is already a good business server and is peaceful aswell.

Screenshot from BusinessCraft Minecraft Server
Screenshot from BusinessCraft Minecraft Server
Screenshot from BusinessCraft Minecraft Server
Screenshot from BusinessCraft Minecraft Server
Screenshot from BusinessCraft Minecraft Server

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.mcbusinesscraft.com

Welcome to BusinessCraft!

  Are you ready to explore a new role play server? Are you ready to adventure the city and find your destiny? BusinessCraft is a minecraft-survival City Roleplay server that uses custom easy to use plugins to simulate aspects of a real city. The server includes a wide selection of jobs such as: Engineer, Miner, Lumberjack, Doctor, Lawyer and many more! This server also has a government and democratic elections!

City Life!

Live in a cozy house in the suburbs while building your business empire downtown. You can start businesses ranging from agriculture to manufacturing, scale your business into a large corporation or keep it a small local business, or you can work for another company and enjoy everything else the city has to offer!

The city has lots to explore, you can rent apartments including penthouses, explore easter eggs like the sewers, or venture into the acres of wildlife preserve just outside city limits! Buses, trains, subways, and planes can help you travel throughout the city and world. Nearly everything built within the city is player owned and operated.

Become a famous Entrepreneur!

The servers economy is very dynamic, starting a business is easy but the process can change depending on the governments regulations. Businesses can scale up quickly by hiring other players and advertising. Discords and websites can be made to facilitate business operations and your business will be listed in our services list.

Become apart of the Government!

BusinessCraft is based on a democratic government system. Become a part of the Executive Branch by joining a government department and possibly one day running one as a Minister! Or get elected into the Parliament and create new laws with fellow Members!

Wild Life!

You can choose to live in the wild! Adventure the fierce survival world and build your base. Collect resources to sell them to players or the Government! Regioning your base creates a secure anti-griefing barrier. It prevent players from destroying or stealing anything out of your chests.

Essentials, Dynmap, Vehicles, ChestShop, Companies, AreaShop, Disease, Guns