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Has Vanilla Minecraft lost its thrill

Do you find yourself craving greater challenges that build upon the mechanics of Survival rather than replacing them completely

Are you prepared to fight, win, lose, and probably die in a horrible explosion in pursuit of victory

Monumenta: a combat-based dungeon-crawling MMORPG in the spirit of Complete The Monument

Monumenta is a survival-mode PvE server where players fight alongside other friendly players through over five square kilometers of custom terrain and monsters to acquire fabulous loot, complete quests, and have fun!

Weekly content updates, an active community, adventure-mode towns with parkour challenges and speed races, player-owned plots, guilds, mini-games, and much more!

All free to play, developed by an active community of volunteer players from around the world.

- Seven upgradeable classes with unique abilities mage, warrior, etc.

- Eight multi-hour instanced raid dungeons.

- Dozens of quests.

- 60+ mini-dungeons with custom mobs and challenges.

- 500+ pieces of custom loot.

- Completely free no pay-to-win

Discord main community hub: discord.gg/eep9qcu
We also have a resource pack, which adds custom textures for all our unique items and requires Optifine: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ft4ujs3c3azg9uf/Monumenta_Resource_Pack.zip

CoreProtect, BungeeCord, Dynmap, Nicky, VentureChat, BungeeTabListPlus, ScriptedQuests, EpicStructureManagement, Custom Quest Plugin, Custom Structure Respawning Plugin, Custom Boss System, Custom Ability System, Custom RaceSpeedRun System