SiriusMC 1.17.1

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Server Information:
Modpacks: Tekkit Legends (v1.1.1) | The 1.12.2 Pack (v1.4.1) | Nomifactory (v1.2.2.1)
Hub IP:
Tekkit Legends IP:
The 1.12.2 Pack IP:
Nomifactory IP:

Why Choose SiriusMC?
SiriusMC is a community-driven server that runs servers in Tekkit Legends, The 1.12.2 Pack & Nomifactory. We aim to give you the best playing experience when playing on our servers offering features such as Togglable PVP, PlayerShops, Land Protection, Custom Patches/Plugins & More! With a strong team of active staff and developers, strong hardware SiriusMC provides a lag-free place to play!

Tekkit Legends:
Tekkit Legends is a modern version of the original Tekkit Classic modpack. SiriusMC has done extensive development to the modpack, creating custom mod patches, performance enhancements, and plugins to create one of the most stable & lag-free Tekkit Legends playing experiences.

The 1.12.2 Pack:
The 1.12.2 Pack, is a large kitchen sink modpack containing over 250+ Mods. It is a pack optimized for a high-performance, stable gameplay experience. SiriusMC provides a lag-free playing experience while providing the benefits of multiplayer play such as a strong community and a fair economy.

Nomifactory is an extremely tech-focused expert pack centred around Gregtech Community Edition. With over 150+ Mods, it is optimised for performance and provides customized gameplay with modified recipes, resource gathering, progression and gameplay mechanics.

Performance & Custom Patches:
SiriusMC runs on an EU based dedicated server (i9 9900K, 128GB's of RAM, NVM-E Storage) running top of the line hardware to attempt to give you a lag-free playing experience. Our Developers have also made several custom patches & plugins to fix many of the modpack issues.

Choose how you want to play:
By default, SiriusMC is PVE however players can manually enable PVP using /PVP. This allows you to play how you want whether that is peacefully or not.

Last Tekkit Legends Map Reset: 06/02/20
Last 1.12.2 Pack Map Reset: 02/06/20
Last Nomifactory Map Reset: Never