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Java Server IP ⟹mc.kirk55.com
Bedrock IP/Port ⟹ mc.kirk55.com:19132

Your Second Home
51 Players have voted for this server in September.
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  • Kelsifur - 20 votes
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  • trevordog21 - 4 votes
  • __Cassidy___ - 4 votes
  • Nugbe - 3 votes
  • Navoko - 2 votes
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  • xishere430 - 1 vote

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2023-06-13 21:06:41

10/10, threatened a dude and now I'm in a good mood.


2023-04-22 01:59:58

This is a ausome server i just joined and its a 9/10


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.kirk55.com

This server is vanilla for the most part in playstyle. There are various quality of life things that are almost necessary to having a server with a healthy public SMP community.

I do not accept donations as I dont need it and I dont want anyone to be missing out on features because they cannot pay. There are some features that require you to join the discord, but if that is not a viable option I can make it work for you.

Server Features:
- Proximity Voice Chat
- Custom teleporter type things
- Gravestones when you die
- Item based economy think trading items instead of money
- Proximity Voice Chat
- Grief Protection
- Decorative heads
- Togglable PVP
- Dynmap
- Craftable Nametags
- Shapeable armor stands

Dynmap: http://map.kirk55.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/35Z72e9

Server is friendly with a happy community : Feel free to stop by.

- Do not xray or cheat in any regard
- No griefing or stealing peoples property, even if it is unclaimed
- Try to be respectful
more server specific rules can be found by typing /rules in game

Dynmap, GriefPrevention, Proximity Voice Chat, Essentials, Graves, Teleporters