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CatCraft Survival
2173 Players have voted for this server in April.
172686 Votes - All time
Top Voters

Top Voters

  • niteshade72710 - 20 votes
  • _JunoRules - 20 votes
  • _Joobydoos - 20 votes
  • iMobs - 19 votes
  • valentine_val - 18 votes
  • Diclo_ - 16 votes
  • Illusioner2520 - 14 votes
  • TTVwolf_hunter - 14 votes
  • farfromfiji - 14 votes
  • Bloatedbumblebee - 12 votes

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2024-04-02 00:01:09

Love the voting system, market and the clans not to mention the vein mining its helpful while obtaining a lot of wood


2024-03-30 01:47:55

It is very useful having the vein mine and all, but I would like more cats.


2024-03-30 01:39:23

i love it it take a bit to farm tho


2024-03-29 18:19:17

asmazimng cheese i love this cuz of weapons and people hate ther moneh


2024-03-29 16:07:49

So fun farming takes i bit but i do enjoy the friends ad things you can make


2024-03-29 08:23:34

Ich habe die Championship das ist ja auch noch nicht zu den anderen Tagen bin heute um 5 U

Screenshot from CatCraft Survival Minecraft Server
Screenshot from CatCraft Survival Minecraft Server

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: msl.catcraft.net

WE'VE JUST UPDATED TO 1.20 - FEATURING THE LATEST TRAILS & TALES UPDATE! Come join our survival server to explore the new cherry biomes, archeology, mobs and world expansions!

Discover the Best Minecraft Survival Server on CatCraft!

Embark on an unforgettable journey in CatCraft, an immersive and feature-rich Minecraft Survival SMP designed for players seeking the perfect blend of excitement and simplicity. Join our welcoming community, where seasoned and new players come together to explore, learn, and thrive in a vibrant world brimming with endless possibilities!

Unleash Your Creativity in CatCraft Here's What Awaits You:

Explore the Expansive Realms: Dive into our ever-expanding, never-resetting Overworld, including the newly launched Green Realm teeming with untold adventures!

Instant Tree Chopping & Veinmining Support: Enjoy seamless resource gathering with our efficient tree chopping and veinmining addition perfect for builders and miners alike!

Thriving Player-Driven Economy: Shape CatCrafts economy with our community driven diamond-based economy and bustling Market, packed with unique player-owned shops.

Latest Minecraft Version (1.20.1): Stay up-to-date with the latest Minecraft updates, enhancing your gameplay with fresh content and endless exploration.

Java & Bedrock Compatibility: Play on your preferred platform, as our server fully supports both Java and Bedrock editions.

Worldwide Community & Staff: Connect with friendly players and supportive staff from various time zones, ensuring a vibrant and helpful community around the clock.

Grief Protection & Smooth Performance: Experience uninterrupted fun with our powerful servers, top-notch grief protection, and lag-free gameplay.

Regular Events & Activities: Participate in engaging events and activities curated by our dedicated staff, keeping the CatCraft experience fresh and entertaining.

Join CatCraft today and become a part of our ever-growing community. Adventure awaits are you ready to answer the call?

IP: msl.catcraft.net

Bedrock Port: 19132

Website: [https://catcraft.net](https://catcraft.net/)
Wiki: [https://wiki.catcraft.net](https://wiki.catcraft.net/)
Store: [https://store.catcraft.net](https://store.catcraft.net/)