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Java Server IP ⟹play.voidrealms.net
Bedrock IP/Port ⟹ play.voidrealms.net:19132

Void Realms
235 Players have voted for this server in November.
24199 Votes - All time
Top Voters

Top Voters

  • DsBeos1790 - 29 votes
  • Dgoosy - 29 votes
  • FutantDNA - 28 votes
  • Solar_Architect - 19 votes
  • Trynnon - 13 votes
  • YoutubaruSeby - 13 votes
  • GeriIreg - 10 votes
  • Dark_hoodie - 9 votes
  • Esined13 - 8 votes
  • RubyLee71 - 7 votes

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2023-08-29 04:02:57

I love this server! Townny is really fun and I love all the additional features. Can't wait to play more.


2023-08-27 22:35:54

Love the server! Towny is really fun. I can't wait to play more.


2023-08-08 12:43:55

it is a great server I love skyfactory on it but the one thing I don't like is there's barely anyone on


2023-07-26 00:40:38

I love that it has slime fun. I would although like a resource end world that resets every week for shucker boxes


2023-06-03 12:55:54

Best SF-Skyfactory server i ever seen xd. I love it


2023-04-24 14:18:08

Great people just logged on after many years and they still were very nice and greeted me have been very kind and generous


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.voidrealms.net

Void Realms
We’re a community-oriented server that was created by the players, for the players. We offer traditional servers with our own unique twist you won’t find anywhere else.

- Slimefun, Harvesters (Androids/Minions), Liquid Tanks, Cargo Transport, Machines, Island Top, Quests, Tinker's Construct, Player Ranks, Chest Shops, Admin Shop, and more!

- Custom Town Plugin System, Slimefun, Graves, RPG Style Skills, Custom Mobs, Player Ran Economy, Pwarps, PyroMining, PyroFishing, PyroFarming, Custom Terrain, Custom Enchants, Jobs, Mob Arena, Regenerating Structure Loot, Custom Items, and more!

- Plots, WorldEdit, Decorative Heads, Vote Shop!

Join in the community today, make new friends, participate in events or start an adventure!

Extra Info:
⮞ Bedrock + Java Compatible!
⮞ IP: play.voidrealms.net
⮞ Java Port: 25565
⮞ Bedrock Port: 19132
⮞ Website: https://voidrealms.net/
⮞ Wiki: https://wiki.voidrealms.net/
⮞ Discord: https://discord.gg/voidrealms