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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: terrashift.net

Terrashift is a new mostly vanilla, whitelisted 1.16 server, with a focus on collaboration, and building a community.

If you are interested in starting fresh, and would like play/build on a server akin to Hermitcraft with a focus on building a community, feel free to apply with the form listed at the bottom, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

The map itself is rather new, and as such we are building everything from the ground up. If you feel like building and collaborating on giant redstone contraptions, or just want to build a cozy hut somewhere and relax, everything goes as long as you have fun!

Server rules are rather simple, the main guideline is: be nice, and have fun! That includes:

no griefing
no pvp if the other party doesnt agree to it
no rudeness towards other members
no hacking, specifically anything not already available in vanilla

The main goal of the server is to be a place where everyone can feel welcome, and have fun together, so everything else goes as long everyone is ok with it.

All server changes/additions/removals are to be voted on by all members, to make
sure everyone has a say on the server direction as it develops.

Currently, we are using Discord for voting, and day to day discussions, but that can be changed in the future.
While we try to keep gameplay as vanilla as possible, server is running several datapacks:

Multiplayer Sleep
Home teleport
More mob heads
Armor Statues

All of the changes related to datapacks are decided by voting, so the list can change over time.

There is no world border, but newbies are highly encouraged to stay somewhat close to center, to make collaboration easier later on. Several large farms for various materials, nether hub central, and spawn are already built, and next major plan is to create a community market.

To apply , you can use the website link to fill out an application, and after the you send in the form, you can expect a response soon afterwards.