Cartman-2000s MC server 1.10.2

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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Whitelist, Simple rules, Very helpful admins The server currently has 5 worlds, one with peaceful mobsThe servers origonal map, no longer main, two with hostile mobsone of them is the main map. and a sky dimension world, and a nether.

To get on the servers whitelist please post your username in a thread here and an admin will add you.

Whitelist-Buildrights: 1bwNN89

You can find a render of the servers maps here.

Server Rules:

Respect the mods and admins on the server.

No harassing other players on the server.

No GriefingStealing items

Get permission before modifying someone else stuff.

No hacks like fly, speed hacks or Ore findingx-ray hacks.

Try to keep the chat clean while on the server, no racism please.

Essentials, dynmap, mcmmo, jobs, chestshops, warp, home, skylands, lwc, world guard, log block