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+ Minecraft 1.20.1 Servers Version

Rank Server IP Address
Welcome to our Minecraft Survival server, where the adventure never ends! Whether you're on Java or Bedrock, our server embraces both platforms on version 1.20 and abov...
Players Online: 13 / 100
Votes (December): 64
Votes (all time): 119

Vibe Central
JUST RESET! 85+ new biomes! rpg skill leveling, free fly, rtp, economy, quests, markets, keep-inventory, mobdex, creative plots, parkour, minigames, and more! Packed wit...
Players Online: / 50
Votes (December): 62
Votes (all time): 2973

A modpack server that brings the world of Pokemon into minecraft! Team up with friends to trade, share, and harvest resources for your Pokemon town! Includes: Cobblemon G...
Players Online: 3 / 100
Votes (December): 61
Votes (all time): 964

Land of Legends is a survival server with a friendly and active community. We have many custom plugins and unique features including A full server storyline filled with ques...
Players Online: 1 / 200
Votes (December): 57
Votes (all time): 4412



#65 us

Looking for a server that lets you explore like never before? Welcome to Parallel, a semi-vanilla SMP where players can travel through rifts between worlds in order to face ...
Players Online: / 48
Votes (December): 57
Votes (all time): 8027



#66 uk

Pandamium is a SMP Minecraft Server. We have stronger mobs that you can hunt for rewards and ranks, and the usual basics, ranks, homes, claims, tpa, votes, etc. Overall it&#...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (December): 55
Votes (all time): 37815



#67 us

1.20.1 - Java - SMP Slimefun: Good old Slimefun with old addons (even STB!) and many newer ones, working together nicely for you to create huge storage systems and farms ...
Players Online: 7 / 100
Votes (December): 54
Votes (all time): 5868

MCVerse City
November update includes better market and improved economy for trading. Stable [b]vanilla survival[/b] experience with a mature community to trade and connect with. Rand...
Players Online: 2 / 100
Votes (December): 53
Votes (all time): 303

WildCraftMC Where the Wild, is home! In an endless sea of cold impersonal Minecraft Networks & Hub servers, WildCraftMC wishes to offer you something more meaningful...
Players Online: / 120
Votes (December): 52
Votes (all time): 24751



#70 us

Are you looking for a Minecraft server that offers a small, friendly community and a relaxed atmosphere, but still has plenty of fun activities? Look no further! Our server ...
Players Online: 5 / 1
Votes (December): 51
Votes (all time): 6732

Cobblemon! Taking the world by storm including the fantastic creatures from Pokemon in a seamless fashion. Our server features inclusions such as a TM Store to purchase mov...
Players Online: / 2023
Votes (December): 51
Votes (all time): 332



#72 de

Es geht hierbei um den Server Lululand (IP: Durch eine kleine Idee einfach wieder einen Survival Server anzubieten, auf welchem man zusammen mit einer nett...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (December): 50
Votes (all time): 18564

The Village
What is The Village? An RPG, Hack & Slash inspired survival server with a relaxed environment. It contains lots of PvE challenges and quality of life features which m...
Players Online: 5 / 100
Votes (December): 49
Votes (all time): 1245

Medieval Unlimited 1.20
Welcome to the server! Medieval Unlimited strives to create highly immersive and realistic medieval themed gameplay featuring one of Minecraft’s most detailed custom ma...
Players Online: / 30
Votes (December): 47
Votes (all time): 803



#75 us

Welcome to AFCRAFT, where the possibilities are endless!Our server offers both a survival world and a minigames lobby, so you can choose to embark on a solo adventure or joi...
Players Online: 4 / 1
Votes (December): 46
Votes (all time): 2509

The Nest SMP
Looking for a welcoming oasis in the vast Minecraft universe? Look no further! Discover The Nest SMP, a server where connections flourish, and players of all backgrounds ...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (December): 46
Votes (all time): 3804

Welcome to MythicHaven-The ULTIMATE Towny Experience! Claim land using Towny and invite your friends to create sprawling cities along with you. Become the king or queen ...
Players Online: 1 / 60
Votes (December): 45
Votes (all time): 9880



#78 de

Looking for a great, friendly Minecraft server with experienced, motivated staff to protect you and your builds from bullies and griefers? Look no further, you just found it...
Players Online: / 210
Votes (December): 44
Votes (all time): 6874

Pixelmon Reforged Modpack Latest 1.16.5 - Always Updated Small, Community Focused Pixelmon server with new stuff getting added all the time. Make sure you checkout the disc...
Players Online: 1 / 50
Votes (December): 43
Votes (all time): 1532

FlickationSMP has some of the coolest features and is very unique. We have an Earth server with custom plugins including tanks, planes, helicopters, submarines, and more! An...
Players Online: 1 / 50
Votes (December): 42
Votes (all time): 59