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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: s.froobworld.com

FroobWorld is a small, friendly server with a lot of friendly players. We do use plugins, but only to enforce the rules and make traversing the map a little bit easier. Speaking of maps, the server map resets every other major update and doubles in size between this. Our current map started in 1.7 and will end in 1.9, it will be doubling for 1.8.

Were a semi-vanilla server, so we try to keep the vanilla feel while still having some of the benefits of mods. The server admins and moderators are the same as any other player, theyre just allowed to ban bad people. Admins and moderators have no more benefits than the new guy on the server.

Grey list:
Not everyone who comes on is as friendly as our regulars, for this reason we are grey listed. This means you can come on the server and look around but will not be able to build until you are taken off the grey list. The process involves typing one command and waiting for someone with the appropriate permissions to accept your request, instantly if someone is on, if not within 12 hours. There will usually be someone on who will be able to accept your application on the weekends, its the best time to come on.

Little bit of history:
FroobWorld began in 2011 when it was a much different place. It was more of a muck around, do what ever you want, yes you can have creative, sure you can be a moderator kind of place. In 2012 it became survival, mostly, and it began taking the shape of a more respectable server. 2013 was a good year, we moved into full semi-vanillaness. It was in this year that we gained a lot of the regulars that still continue to play today.

The people:
FroobWorld has a lot of awesome people of all different ages, sexes and nationalities. Most of the people you will meet on the server will be kind and friendly, but there are those other few people, you can just ignore them. The staff on FroobWorld are hand picked, and theyre not picked on how experienced they are, they get training on the job. Theyre all picked based on how friendly, sensible and liked they are, because no one likes that overly serious, power-thirsty person.