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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: GoatZone.apexmc.co

GoatZone is a classic factions server!! The goal of GoatZone is to capture the classic feeling of factions, but still keeping the modern technologies alive! I was thinking back to the days of factions back in 2012-2013, the days where things were simple, yet so entertaining! So I decided to make those memories become reality once more!

GoatZone currently features things like:

A battle arena to pvp in

A classic sign shop for that classic factions feeling!

A simple spawn with different lootcrates and fun things

Events and competitions

Daily and weekly lootcrates

Crates unlocked with keys

Economy money, shops and so on

Auctions and auction house GUI


Special ranks with perks, obtainable without any outside game payment

Factions obviously

easy /support command for easy contact with the staff team

Battle tracker, that tracks all the pvp, ranking players by most to least kills and battle performance!

Mine mob spawners with silk touch!

Using an axe, you can make a whole tree fall by chopping the bottom!

Killing a mob or a player, will drop you their head.

Petmaster - for easier pet use

Envoys - Daily events containing loot and pvp!

BlackJack - Dont know what to do with all your riches Play some blackjack!

Pets, buy pets in the pet shop, or capture them in the wild! They will aid you in combat, or can be used for carrying items, or even be used to ride across the world.

1.8 combat, on GoatZone theres no combat delay, so slice away!

Entity health bars

Optional server password if you want some extra account security!

Marriage! Playing with someone you love very much Well you can marry them in game!

Bounties, dont like someone But dont have the gear to take them out Well set a bounty and have someone else take them out for you!

Duels, a place where players chose a kit and fight on equal levels, purelly skill based.

We are also currently looking for new staff members!

Essentials, CrazyAuctions, SpawnerSilk, ChopTree2, DailyLootCrate, ChestShop, DropHeads, BattleTracker2, Support chat, Savagefactions, Pet Master, CratesPlus, Holograms, BlackJack, Crazy Envoy, MyPet, OldCombat, Beautyindicator, Playtime, SafeTrade