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Java Server IP ⟹mcsl.astrocraft.org
Bedrock IP/Port ⟹ bd.astrocraft.org:19132

277 Players have voted for this server in September.
15347 Votes - All time
Top Voters

Top Voters

  • MaskedRavager - 24 votes
  • snowman_sir - 23 votes
  • SickTekk - 22 votes
  • .WolfCart - 19 votes
  • The1stAndrew - 16 votes
  • .ALKGOD12 - 10 votes
  • AngelKangel - 10 votes
  • .foggy02111 - 10 votes
  • corm_et - 9 votes
  • .CrafterMan24 - 8 votes

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2023-09-29 12:27:55

I love this server, its Solar SMP is amazing. The unique commands are so cool especially when your able to teleport around the server.


2023-08-06 09:09:44

I really love Soarsmp! I play on it 24/7 the smp is filled with kind people :0


2023-06-11 14:46:01

The server is very good, it just have few bugs but beside that is very nice (sorry if I write something wrong, im not vet good in english)


2023-06-06 08:24:57

Really nice staff and I love the custom enchants.Just the pvp areas have to be bigger


2023-05-13 19:26:09

Some of the best admins, moderators, and helpers I've talked to. Very helpful and nice.


2023-05-03 02:25:31

Really enjoy the server! Couldn't ask for anything better. Loads to keep you busy


Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mcsl.astrocraft.org

SURVIVAL SEASON 2! NEW SPAWN! Soar SMP is protected with land claim (grief prevention), and you gain more as you play. We try to keep it as close to normal vanilla survival as possible. There are FREE in game ranks that you work towards by voting and unlock more land claim and chest shops. Keep inventory is enabled everywhere besides pvp areas. The world border is set at 30k x 30k. Everything is pre-generated, so it is lag free.

In Soar SMP, the economy is community based. Player build chest shops or sell in auction house for money. There are also Jobs which you can make money but also get points. You can use those points to by Vehicles (Planes, Trains, Cars, etc.) You can also use points to buy spawners. There are also custom enchants for the PvP areas. Soar SMP has quick shop for selling to other players. Use player warps to get to players shops.

Newly added custom fishing and voting system! Find new types of fish and bait. There are also daily fishing tournaments at certain times of the day for rewards. We also just changed the vote system. Vote for vote points which you can redeem in the vote shop. You can get claim blocks, money, keys, and bunch of other cool stuff. There are also lucky votes which has a chance to give you rare keys.

Newly added resource worlds and events! The resource world resets every month and is limited with a 10k x 10k world border. The nether resource world is the same. The end resource world resets everyday. We also added in /events and with these there will be daily, weekly, and monthly events. If you are in the top 3, you will get a few good rewards (Keys, Job Points, Money, Diamonds). The weekly and daily events will be changed once a week, so that you have fresh events to compete in.