Minecraft Land Claim Servers

This is page 6 of the Minecraft servers providing individual players some kind of Land/Plot/Grief protection - The basic thought is you can claim a piece of land and make it your own, to ensure no one can destroy your blocks or steal your things.

Depending on the type of gameplay, normally it is very nice to get back to where you left of and not finding all your hard work griefed the next day you login. So if you are looking for servers that provide this, then keep scrolling down :)
Some gameplay types like factions / skyblock etc. got their own builtin land protection - this category is not meant for those kind of servers.

Rank Server IP Address
DifferentCraft is a Minecraft Survival server bursting with custom features, striving to be one of the best Towny servers out there!. Weve been running since early 2014 nons...
Players Online: 4 / 120
Votes (April): 362
Votes (all time): 142170

Celestial Realms
Welcome to Celestial Realms! We are a mostly vanilla server with a few quality of life upgrades such as: Land claims to prevent griefing (which isn't tolerated anywa...
Players Online: 7 / 20
Votes (April): 357
Votes (all time): 839



#103 us

FabledMC is a Bedrock & Java crossplay server that provides a fun, welcoming experience. Our Survival game mode has tons of features to keep you entertained! It'...
Players Online: 20 / 300
Votes (April): 353
Votes (all time): 14296

firestarter is a simple, cozy, and relaxing community SMP! Whether you’d like to play the game with friends or contribute to community projects, we have a bit of something...
Players Online: 8 / 25
Votes (April): 352
Votes (all time): 12254



#105 us

🔗 IP: mslc.heartsmp.net, Bedrock port: 41141 ʜɪʀɪɴɢ ꜱᴛᴀꜰꜰ! 🎮 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧: 1.7 - Latest 𝗪𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗛...
Players Online: 67 / 999
Votes (April): 344
Votes (all time): 1495

Balkanski Minecraft Survival server pun zabave! Pridruzi se klasicnom Prezivljavanju uz; - Crates - Teams - RTP - Homes - Claim - Rankovi - Playtime Rankovi I...
Players Online: 4 / 2024
Votes (April): 340
Votes (all time): 396

Epic Adventures! Tensura is a modded server build around the Tensura mod (Based off the anime: That time i got reincarnated as a slime) We have ranks, crates, grind to wi...
Players Online: 3 / 100
Votes (April): 337
Votes (all time): 3975

Hello there! If what you are seeking is a basic survival experience with friends then Come on down to Noob Friendly, We have a excellent community, Responsible respectful st...
Players Online: 1 / 50
Votes (April): 331
Votes (all time): 53262



#109 us

Bedrock/Cross-play support! TownySMP is a 1.20 EARTH survival with a semi-vanilla RPG experience. Running on a completely dedicated machine, enjoy a lag-free server with a...
Players Online: 8 / 100
Votes (April): 310
Votes (all time): 17922



#110 de

Returox ist ein Minecraft-Server, der Spielern ein einzigartiges Erlebnis bietet. Statt eines Onlineshops ermöglichen wir jedem Spieler die gleiche Chance, sich alle Ränge...
Players Online: 3 / 100
Votes (April): 309
Votes (all time): 3306

KoalaServers is your One-Stop Australian Server! Featuring multiple servers catering to every player, we offer a chilled economy server, delivering an ever-evolving vanilla+...
Players Online: / 500
Votes (April): 309
Votes (all time): 1973



#112 de

Willkommen auf HexagonMC.eu! ehemals Play-ICraft/CriminalCraft Wir von Hexagon liefern seit 2010 regelmäßige Updates, neue Spielmodi und Top Qualität für eine breite...
Players Online: 2 / 100
Votes (April): 308
Votes (all time): 91818


Addstar MC

#113 au

Addstar MC
If you are looking for a fun survival server with a friendly player community, look no further! Our server is designed to be a kid/family friendly and fun environment for...
Players Online: 5 / 201
Votes (April): 307
Votes (all time): 102145

WELCOME TO OPIEST MC/ KNIFECRAFT SMP opiest mc is a server of ishu op gaming . Ishu op gaming is small youtuber of minecraft games. This server is best minecraft surv...
Players Online: / 2000
Votes (April): 303
Votes (all time): 2687

Project Eden
Welcome to Project Eden! A family-friendly, mature, and close-knit survival server with tons of fun things to do! We hold vanilla survival close to our hearts but we p...
Players Online: 1 / 50
Votes (April): 299
Votes (all time): 28123



#116 us

Ethercraft: A refreshing, immersive experience in Minecraft. Enjoy the classic plugins you love like Towny, McMMO, and Essentials, then prepare for stunning new features lik...
Players Online: 2 / 69
Votes (April): 295
Votes (all time): 1158

MuCraft - Svensk survival
En mysig svensk survival server sedan 2011 med enkla verktyg du skyddar dina byggen med. Vi har en ekonomi som spelarna driver och annat roligt att leka runt med. Se mer: ht...
Players Online: 1 / 30
Votes (April): 294
Votes (all time): 43168

SkyFactory 4
Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: sf4.craftersland.net Server Info: Grief Prevention claim system Economy - Server ...
Players Online: 45 / 400
Votes (April): 280
Votes (all time): 48125

EcoCityCraft Economy
EcoCityCraft Economy Server Available on JAVA & Bedrock! PC, Mobile, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo & more! We have been online for 13+ years and counting! Join ...
Players Online: 40 / 2000
Votes (April): 275
Votes (all time): 537315

Pixel Gaming
Welcome to Pixel Gaming! Want to play on a friendly, active and English speaking survival server Then you are at the right place! We are a small, active and fast growing ...
Players Online: 3 / 100
Votes (April): 273
Votes (all time): 39588