Minecraft Prison Servers

Welcome to the world of a Minecraft Prison server! Get ready to work hard and earn your way up the ranks. No more endless wilderness to explore, instead you'll be digging deep to earn your freedom.

PVP is allowed on these servers, but beware, some servers also have guards patrolling the prison to keep order. If you're caught with contraband items, you better watch out!

Step into the role of a prisoner and see if you have what it takes to climb the ranks and earn your release. Check out the list of Prison servers below and get ready for the ultimate test of survival.

Rank Server IP Address
Complex Gaming
Welcome to Complex Gaming! We offer many gamemodes which provide endless fun for everyone including pokemon in minecraft, skyblock, factions, survival, and much much more! ...
Players Online: 3768 / 5000
Votes (June): 71975
Votes (all time): 4842330

PikaNetwork is a Cracked Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players. Our server's player base is intermittently growing since it's first released, ...
Players Online: 2280 / 6500
Votes (June): 24001
Votes (all time): 1695839

JartexNetwork is a Cracked Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players. Our server's player base is intermittently growing since it's first released...
Players Online: 1455 / 5000
Votes (June): 21288
Votes (all time): 1577834



#7 us

AkumaMC offers a huge diversity of insane fun which mainly comes from our daily breathtaking events, tons of competition, amazing features and most importantly the rewards. ...
Players Online: 560 / 2024
Votes (June): 11316
Votes (all time): 681997

🟪 Purple Prison: The Ultimate Minecraft Prison Experience Since 2014! 🟪 Welcome to Purple Prison! Since our inception in 2014, we've set the standard for Minec...
Players Online: 143 / 1000
Votes (June): 9365
Votes (all time): 1141815

Welcome to LemonCloud! We offer Factions, Skyblock, Survival, and more! Join now on any Minecraft version with IP: [ mcsl.lemoncloud.net ] for endless fun!...
Players Online: 7175 / 7176
Votes (June): 8117
Votes (all time): 1523445

Vortex Network
Vortex Network is a space-themed Minecraft server featuring popular game modes such as Prison, Skyblock, Survival and Pixelmon! IP: mcsl.vortexnetwork.net Discord: https...
Players Online: 1385 / 3000
Votes (June): 6281
Votes (all time): 419497

Bringing a whole new OP Prison gameplay to reality, Wild Prison provides its players with the coolest custom features, making your journey easier and more entertaining by le...
Players Online: 566 / 1350
Votes (June): 6270
Votes (all time): 302437



#12 us

Minecadia, founded in 2021, is a server known for its popular Minecraft game modes, such as Factions, Skyblock, Survival, and OneBlock. Since it's opening, Minecadia ha...
Players Online: 689 / 5000
Votes (June): 6034
Votes (all time): 254363



#13 us

UltimisMC - one of the best cracked servers in the world! We offer you an incomparable Minecraft experience, whether you prefer PvP, Parkour, or want to hang out with your ...
Players Online: 527 / 1500
Votes (June): 5203
Votes (all time): 291122

Minecraft Central
Over 3 million players, 6000 online at once - Minecraft Central is a unique Minigame Network featuring Survival Games, Skywars, Capture The Flag and MUCH more!...
Players Online: 128 / 10000
Votes (June): 4880
Votes (all time): 3583007

JACKPOTMC Border SMP | Lifesteal SMP | HCF Join JACKPOTMC and play one of our competitive PvP gamemodes. https://www.jackpotmc.com Discord: https://discord.com/invi...
Players Online: 216 / 7777
Votes (June): 4713
Votes (all time): 329010

Mineland Network
[1.8 - 1.21.x] Mineland is a Cracked server and the best on the planet. Every day new players come from all over the world. A lot of events, countless mini-games and much mo...
Players Online: 871 / 3227
Votes (June): 4593
Votes (all time): 462615



#17 ca

The ZedarMC community is a very friendly one, and our staff is always available to help you. We are also a crossplay network, which means we support Bedrock Edition. Zeda...
Players Online: 316 / 1000
Votes (June): 3989
Votes (all time): 274269

A classic grinding experienceThis server can be exactly like the prison servers you used to know & love, which is why it's so great!Do you like grinding your way to...
Players Online: 72 / 200
Votes (June): 3653
Votes (all time): 46883



#19 ca

In MCLabs, you choose to be a CHEMIST or a COP. Chemists grow crops to turn them into illegal CHEMS and COMPOUNDS to sell. Cops try to arrest chemists and take the chems for...
Players Online: 58 / 420
Votes (June): 3413
Votes (all time): 409518



#20 us

ArchMC is one of the biggest servers in North America with gamemodes designed for every play style. Founded by a team of Minecrafters, our server has become the go-to for an...
Players Online: 455 / 1000
Votes (June): 3288
Votes (all time): 9160