Minecraft Adventure Mode Servers

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Minecraft Adventure Servers where you will enter a predefined world you will have to live and survive in. You can not destroy blocks as normal, but will have to kill to survive. You can also interact with NPC, doors and such.

Below you will find a full list of Adventure mode servers that are waiting for you to join!

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Server name & Description IP Address & Port
Minecraft Server icon for GrandTheftMinecart - GTA in MineCraft!


GrandTheftMinecart - GTA in MineCraft!

GrandTheftMinecart - GTA in MineCraft!

The most played Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft server. IP: mc-gtm.net Features: Play 2 completely custom gamemodes GTM and ViceMC Use our 35 custom weapons from shotgun
Version: 1.13 Survival Adventure PVP RP Economy


Players: / 1500
Votes (August): 12493
Votes (all time): 586380

Minecraft Server icon for RC-Pixelmon




Pixelmon Version: 3.5.1 -Big community with active Events -Superior Staff and Support system! We are known for being very fair -Easy and ready to go spawn -Awesome vote
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Pixelmon


Players: 61 / 1000
Votes (August): 6723
Votes (all time): 760744

Minecraft Server icon for PokeFind



Join thousands of Trainers on our New Server, PokeFind! PokeFind is a combination of Pokemon Games and some Pokemon Go Mechanics! The best part is that we are COMPLETELY VANI
Version: 1.13 Adventure Pixelmon PVE


Players: 477 / 3000
Votes (August): 3479
Votes (all time): 348433

Minecraft Server icon for ❃ VentureLand ❃ Unique RPG experience ❃


❃ VentureLand ❃ Unique RPG experience ❃

❃ VentureLand ❃ Unique RPG experience ❃

Custom built map ❖ Custom RPG items and loot ❖ Unique weapon system ❖ Leveling and skills ❖ Challenging mobs and boss fights ❖ Player Housing ❖ Economy and market
Version: 1.13 Survival Adventure Lucky Block Factions McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 23 / 100
Votes (August): 2996
Votes (all time): 106637

Minecraft Server icon for MassiveCraft




Choose your gametype and join today! Factions: The Original Home of Factions Roleplay: Extensive and detailed RP in the Server Captial Questing: Hours of Adventure on Q
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy Video

Players: 22 / 600
Votes (August): 2991
Votes (all time): 107164

Minecraft Server icon for HavocMC - Home of The Mining Dead


HavocMC - Home of The Mining Dead

HavocMC - Home of The Mining Dead

Welcome To The Mining Dead! In this Minecraft rendition of AMC’s The Walking Dead, fight off walkers with guns and melees, and team up with other players! Choose from ov
Version: 1.8+ Survival Adventure PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 13 / 1000
Votes (August): 1403
Votes (all time): 685302

Minecraft Server icon for Luminex




Luminex 1 - Minecraft SEMI RPG Survival Network -1.12.2 Survival experience. Almost everything about Luminex is fully custom due to lots of time, dedication and money sp
Version: 1.12.2 Adventure Land Claim McMMO MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 24 / 100
Votes (August): 1345
Votes (all time): 22964

Minecraft Server icon for Legends of Kandorus


Legends of Kandorus

Legends of Kandorus

The members of the Kandorus team seek to bring players the best Pixelmon experience to date. We believe that Pixelmon should be just as adventurous as the games and that is w
Version: 1.13 Adventure Pixelmon RP Video


Players: 29 / 125
Votes (August): 1086
Votes (all time): 16312

Minecraft Server icon for BulbasaurCraft




BulbasaurCraft Some of you mightve heard or played it back in 2015 before it closed down. Well, were bringing it back! Larger, better and updated! BulbasaurCraft is a s
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Land Claim Pixelmon


Players: 6 / 40
Votes (August): 916
Votes (all time): 8716

Minecraft Server icon for Dungeon Realms


Dungeon Realms

Dungeon Realms

DungeonRealms is a Premuim, Action RPG, Minecraft Experience. Delve into a fascinating world full of dark dungeons, evil monsters and extraordinary treasure. Join Minecraf
Version: 1.13 Survival Adventure McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 7 / 2000
Votes (August): 745
Votes (all time): 23625

Minecraft Server icon for .|FinalCraft|. Skylords


.|FinalCraft|. Skylords

Servidor de minecraft Skyblock com mods! Mods de tecnologia, magia, boses customizados, armaduras customizadas, etc Vai brasil, entra e vem ser feliz :D
Version: 1.7.10 Adventure Tekkit Skyblock Economy


Players: 5 / 60
Votes (August): 564
Votes (all time): 10742


Fairy Tail RPS

Fairy Tail RPS

1.9 Server - Spigot With amazing magical powers we have every class, magic type and even dragons from the show! Mission, fight others in exams and buy new spells and powers
Version: 1.9 Adventure Factions PVE PVP RP Economy

Players: 7 / 100
Votes (August): 393
Votes (all time): 21387

Minecraft Server icon for Medieval Lords - TOWNY | PVP | CUSTOM PLUGINS




Medieval Lords is a very fun and entertainianing minecraft Towny server, pvp server, dungeon server, and economy server. Filled with custom events, player ran economy, amazin
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Adventure MiniGames PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 3 / 175
Votes (August): 383
Votes (all time): 6660

Minecraft Server icon for CFPixelmon Reforged 6.3.2


CFPixelmon Reforged 6.3.2

CFPixelmon Reforged 6.3.2

www.cfpixelmon.com CF PIxelmon- We are an Adventure/Survival server. We offer a unique experience in allowing people to explore a new adventure world, while also being a
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Land Claim Pixelmon RP Economy Video


Players: / 50
Votes (August): 225
Votes (all time): 2323



Quality, quanity and audacity. Are you qualified enough to become the next Survivor at SurvivalState Become a Survivor today! We feature various events, new content and we
Version: 1.13 Survival Adventure Land Claim PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 6 / 100
Votes (August): 223
Votes (all time): 12969

Minecraft Server icon for MythTowny



Play.MythTowny.Net Brand new 1.13 Professional setup Towny server. Not just 1.13 compatible but actually 1.13 w/ new worlds etc! New Features will be added soon! NE
Version: 1.13 Survival Adventure Semi Vanilla Land Claim McMMO PVP RP Economy


Players: / 50
Votes (August): 205
Votes (all time): 206

Minecraft Server icon for ★🔥 MCForest 🔥★ Fly Enabled! A Fresh MC Experience 🏰


★🔥 MCForest 🔥★ Fly Enabled! A Fresh MC Experience 🏰

★🔥 MCForest 🔥★ Fly Enabled! A Fresh MC Experience 🏰

Are you bored of Minecraft... Its time for a fresh experience. 🌳 Welcome to MCForest! 🌳 - /fly enabled for everyone! - ⚔️ Unique Mobs and Biomes! ⛰️ Rank up
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Adventure Land Claim PVE PVP Economy


Players: / 140
Votes (August): 135
Votes (all time): 3249

Minecraft Server icon for Poke Auras | Reforged Server


Poke Auras | Reforged Server

Poke Auras | Reforged Server

Poke Auras Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.2 IP: play.pokeauras.xyz Website: pokeauras.xyz Discord: https://discord.gg/mRbbxe Poke Auras has been in development for the past two months
Version: 1.12.2 Adventure Land Claim Pixelmon Economy


Players: / 50
Votes (August): 134
Votes (all time): 494

Minecraft Server icon for Pixelmon-Atlanta



Pixelmon-Atlanta Is a Pixelmon Server that is based around the Kanto Region! This server offers a variety of features! Some of those features include: - Working Pixelmo
Version: 1.12.2 Adventure Land Claim Pixelmon PVE Economy Video


Players: / 325
Votes (August): 112
Votes (all time): 366

Minecraft Server icon for AtlantiCraft Network


AtlantiCraft Network

Network AtlantiCraft no Premium! Tiene las modalidades Survival ⚠ Cuenta con: ✔ Misiones ✔ Subastas ✔ Items especiales ✔ Habilidades mcMMO ✔ Mascotas Hab
Version: Atlanticraft 1.7.x-1.13.x Survival Hardcore Adventure Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP MiniGames Prison PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 2 / 600
Votes (August): 78
Votes (all time): 559

Minecraft Server icon for Project Mayhem


Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem

RATED THE BEST MINECRAFT MINIGAME SERVER 2016! 1.8-1.11.2 COMPATIBLE! | MCInfected 2.0 | Search and Destroy | Agar.io | Slither.io | Time is Money Factions | Mixed Arcade
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Factions Survival Games MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: / 1000
Votes (August): 68
Votes (all time): 131473


Semivanilla Minecraft

Semivanilla Minecraft

The ultimate survival server. Come and play Minecraft the way its supposed to be played on this version 1.12.2 Vanilla Minecraft Server! This up to date server features 2
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 1 / 100
Votes (August): 66
Votes (all time): 3329



Willkommen auf unseren neuen ServerLuluLand.de der sich aus einer Grundidee von Blueland entstanden ist.Das Ziel endlich wieder normal zuspielen ohne das an dem Server so se
Version: 1.13 Survival Creative Adventure Land Claim MiniGames PVP Economy Video

Players: 1 / 100
Votes (August): 66
Votes (all time): 1431

Minecraft Server icon for Duck Butter Mansion


Duck Butter Mansion

Duck Butter Mansion

Were a brand new server looking for laid back players and staff. WE ARE 1.13 COMPATIBLE! Since were brand new, were fully open to any suggestions on the direction of th
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure McMMO RP Economy


Players: 1 / 240
Votes (August): 64
Votes (all time): 64

Minecraft Server icon for VindexCraft




VindexCraft has been up for a long time now so whatever you build is here to stay, VindexCraft was founded in 2012 and has since changed a lot. VindexCraft is a City RolePlay
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure PVP RP Economy


Players: 15 / 250
Votes (August): 14
Votes (all time): 2075

Minecraft Server icon for 2b2t.org



2builders2tools is a minecraft server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay wih PvP, a neverending world and no rules. The IP is 2b2t.org. It has been on the sa
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure PVE PVP RP


Players: 117 / 99999
Votes (August): 12
Votes (all time): 820

Minecraft Server icon for Guarana-Craft




Guarana-Craft IP: 1.7.X-1.12.X www.facebook.com/GuaranaCraft /Survival/Factions/PvP/Crates/Drop/1vs1/KoTH/ Guarana-Craft IP: 1.7.X-1
Version: unknown Survival Adventure Factions PVP Economy

Players: 15 / 100
Votes (August): 9
Votes (all time): 164


Valius | Network

Valius | Network

Server Desc: Valius Factions is a unique Minez server with many features of a faction server. Loot, build, and kill your way to the top while exploring the depths of our
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Factions KitPvP Survival Games PVE PVP Video


Players: / 40
Votes (August): 8
Votes (all time): 168




Sortie de la version 1 avec du nouveau contenu ! Gaïa est un serveur de type RP, contenant une grande variété de quêtes, quelles soient uniques en fil rouge ou hebdoma
Version: 1.9.4 Adventure Land Claim McMMO Survival Games MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 3 / 50
Votes (August): 7
Votes (all time): 792

Minecraft Server icon for Servidor de Pruebas de Mundo L0c0


Servidor de Pruebas de Mundo L0c0

Servidor de Pruebas de Mundo L0c0

Durante el Año 2018 del MunDo ApoCaLípTiCo L0c0d3m1n3cr4ft está aprendiendo a utilizar algunos de los poderes adquiridos de prueba antes del gran Cataclism
Version: 1.12.2 Adventure Hunger Games KitPvP Survival Games PVP Economy Video


Players: / 12
Votes (August): 7
Votes (all time): 11


Dark Dungeon

Dark Dungeon

Dark dungeon is a rogue-like server where you explore, raid, and loot different dungeons. Currently in alpha and still working on content. Join now and have fun!
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure PVE RP


Players: / 12
Votes (August): 6
Votes (all time): 89

Minecraft Server icon for Merchants and Marauders


Merchants and Marauders

Merchants and Marauders

We are a small, friendly community with a wide range of ages and playstyles. There is open wild land for marauders, purchasable towny land for the merchants, a challenging ad
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure McMMO MiniGames PVP Economy

Players: 1 / 72
Votes (August): 6
Votes (all time): 3253

Minecraft Server icon for OG Prisons


OG Prisons

OGPrisons is a new prison Minecraft Server with a lot of unique features! Thanks to our great community and hard working staff team, we are able to offer an amazing experienc
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Adventure Lucky Block Factions Hunger Games KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVP RP


Players: / 6969
Votes (August): 5
Votes (all time): 5

Minecraft Server icon for Phoenix PK


Phoenix PK

Phoenix PK

PhoenixPK is a Minecraft Parkour Server with many awesome features such as Rankups, Minigames, Challenges, Creative and more! Vote for PhoenixPK in order to earn in game c
Version: 1.8.8 Creative Adventure MiniGames


Players: 1 / 1000
Votes (August): 4
Votes (all time): 4


The Shulker Box

The Shulker Box

The Shulker Box is a unique Vanilla PvP server using 1.9-style combat and command functions to create an engaging PvP experience. What makes us unique: Our games are un
Version: 1.13 Adventure CTF KitPvP PVP


Players: / 100
Votes (August): 4
Votes (all time): 325



More Minigames Coming soon.MineConquest-The home of fun!. We got bedwars and skyblock.Kitpvp,and Skywars are in deveolopment.Expect some bugs and glitches. Grand oppening is
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Adventure Skyblock Factions KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVP

Players: / 90000
Votes (August): 3
Votes (all time): 4

Minecraft Server icon for Aryntius



Introduction The dragons are dead. The titans are missing. The world is locked in an everlasting scourge of discord, yet still life bloomed, bringing your fledgling soul i
Version: 1.12 Survival Adventure Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: / 50
Votes (August): 3
Votes (all time): 595

Minecraft Server icon for PercentCraft



NEW IP: NOT THE ONE IP TOP!: Make sure to vote for Trails! On hub and Factions! PercentCraft is a commmunity runned server that seeks enjoyment for play
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Creative Adventure Skyblock Factions Hunger Games CTF KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames PVP RP Economy


Players: / 420
Votes (August): 3
Votes (all time): 10


DragonBall Multiverse

DragonBall Multiverse

You know the feeling that you get after playing through Xenoverse or re-watching the DragonBall Z episodes and sagas We too, which is why we bring you DragonBall Multiverse.
Version: 1.12.2 Adventure PVE PVP RP

Players: / 160
Votes (August): 2
Votes (all time): 862