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Are you a Minecraft fan looking for page 10 of the best servers to play on? Look no further because we've got you covered with our monthly updated list of the Best Minecraft Servers. These servers have been rated by players just like you, ensuring that you'll have an epic gaming experience. From the number of votes each server has received, we've determined which servers are currently the most popular.

So why not show your favorite server some love by voting for it on our site? The more votes a server receives, the higher it will rank on our list, making it even more popular and increasing its chance of being discovered by other players. With a constantly updated list, you'll always have access to the latest information about the most popular servers. Get voting and let the games begin!

Rank Server IP Address
sVanilla Survival
sVanilla Survival goes back to the roots of what a Semi-Vanilla SMP should be. Vanilla, with few quality of life modifications. We're dedicated to providing the old-sch...
Players Online: 21 / 60
Votes (February): 580
Votes (all time): 18098



#182 my

A Minecraft Network with Multiple Gameplay and Fun Community! ⭐Survival ⭐Slimefun ⭐Fantasy ⭐Mmorpg ⭐Dungeons ⭐Good Community ⭐Survival Hardcore ⭐MORE...
Players Online: 15 / 200
Votes (February): 577
Votes (all time): 7793

Gamers React Minecraft
We will be featuring a great community, amazing builds, awesome adventures and soo many opportunities for fun! Want to play Survival? You Got It! Want to play SkyBloc...
Players Online: 13 / 1999
Votes (February): 577
Votes (all time): 61642



#184 ca

Monumenta is a free Survival-mode, action-oriented MMORPG, with a foundation in the Complete the Monument CTM genre of adventure maps. With over 20 huge, handmade dungeons,...
Players Online: 129 / 400
Votes (February): 575
Votes (all time): 36544

Welcome to Hack The Planet, a Minecraft server running the All The Mods 9 modpack! Our server is designed to provide you with an immersive and enjoyable experience. We have ...
Players Online: 46 / 100
Votes (February): 569
Votes (all time): 1781

MassiveCraft is the Original Factions Server! Our server features Factions, PvP, Roleplay, Quests, and Minigames. Experience 30+ custom plug-ins, explore handcrafted worlds,...
Players Online: 43 / 500
Votes (February): 543
Votes (all time): 235816

🌟 Bem-vindo à Família Absolut.GG! 🌟Querido(a) aventureiro(a) do Minecraft,É com imensa alegria que lhe damos as boas-vindas à comunidade Absolut.GG, onde a divers�...
Players Online: 33 / 130
Votes (February): 543
Votes (all time): 25802

CwR Minecraft network
CwR MC Network comes with server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you! Survival SMP Slimefun SMP Lifesteal...
Players Online: 16 / 200
Votes (February): 534
Votes (all time): 11841



#189 us

A simple, friendly, land-claim survival server! No currency, no lag, normal mob spawning rates! No world border, basic rules, no weird, fancy mechanics and very few commands...
Players Online: 12 / 50
Votes (February): 523
Votes (all time): 75898

The Universe Network
The Universe is a Minecraft Community Server for all ages. Our committed Universe Team creates gameplay like no other. Everything on our network is exclusively crafted, en...
Players Online: 16 / 1000
Votes (February): 513
Votes (all time): 35602



#191 de

Willkommen auf Northdeer, dem perfekten Freebuild-Server für alle, die Minecraft in entspannter Atmosphäre genießen möchten. Bei uns steht der Spaß am Spiel im Vordergr...
Players Online: 8 / 50
Votes (February): 512
Votes (all time): 14838

official Server for the One Piece Warfare server! This server mainly based on Mine Mine No Mi, Warfare, Factions and other QOL/Item additions. Technic pack here! https:...
Players Online: 8 / 35
Votes (February): 505
Votes (all time): 2532

Journey Gaming is a network that has been around for over 10+ years, with experience in both Pixelmon and Vanilla game modes like Towny and Skyblock. A network that people c...
Players Online: 16 / 2022
Votes (February): 501
Votes (all time): 2166

Fables and Fantasy Roleplay The New Roleplaying experience in Minecraft! What does it mean? Fables and Fantasy is the ultimate RP experience. Set in a medieval fantasy ...
Players Online: 33 / 100
Votes (February): 498
Votes (all time): 15184



#195 us

MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server. Our primary focus is providing a high-quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our ...
Players Online: 48 / 300
Votes (February): 487
Votes (all time): 159557

Classic Survival is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server designed to give the barebones survival experience with a few aids to make your journey easier. With a new map started in...
Players Online: 50 / 80
Votes (February): 470
Votes (all time): 39509



#197 us

CubeCadia is not just a server; it's a thriving community of passionate Minecraft players. Join forces with fellow adventurers, forge alliances, and make lifelong frien...
Players Online: 20 / 100
Votes (February): 470
Votes (all time): 4585



#198 us

CivMC is a Minecraft Civilization Server, where gameplay intertwines with politics, economy, diplomacy, and history. It is the latest 'civ' server in a decade-long...
Players Online: 51 / 125
Votes (February): 468
Votes (all time): 12503

Bridger Land Network
The server is called "Bridger Land" which by itself, kind of explains the server. Our server is bridging related! We offer a unique and special way for people to l...
Players Online: 135 / 500
Votes (February): 466
Votes (all time): 18660

The Warden City
Warden City only has a few plugins to prevent grief, cheating and theft. The ranking system is based entirely on the number of times you vote for the server. This way, ever...
Players Online: / 45
Votes (February): 466
Votes (all time): 2157