Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Skyblock Minecraft servers page 44 of offer a unique and exciting survival challenge. You'll start on a floating island with limited resources, so you'll need to be creative and resourceful to survive. To get started, you'll need to quickly create cobble generators and infinite water sources. This will provide the basic necessities you need to continue on your journey and complete various challenges.

In a Minecraft Skyblock Server, players must also collect resources and complete various challenges in order to expand their island and upgrade their gear. The ultimate goal is to complete the challenges and become the most successful player on the server. With each success, new opportunities and resources become available, allowing you to grow and build your island into a thriving community. For those who want to team up with friends, some Skyblock servers even offer co-op play on shared islands.

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Join our new Skyblock Minecraft server for an exciting gaming experience! Explore custom bosses, engage in PVP and PVE battles, and embark on a thrilling progression journey...
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Our server provides a variety of gamemodes and it support MC Java edition 1.8-1.16 and MC Bedrock Edition as well. The TERRACACTUS NETWORK offers more than 20 different sub...
Players Online: / 1000
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YarnMC hopes to offer a classic skyblock server experience. With customized plugins, we have a stable, fun economy that rewards progression and community-based gameplay. Yar...
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Votes (all time): 1164

Tis Nation

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My name is Abadonnis and im taking staff applications and looking for builders on my brand new servers, opening a prison, skyblock, survival games and a hub server. join the...
Players Online: / 9999
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New Australian based Minecraft server. Looking for staff. Currently only Factions and Skyblock but more to come. Still in development. Currently only two people working ...
Players Online: / 300
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DisQordia Network features Skyblock and Lifesteal SMP. You *must* join our Discord to register (https://discord.gg/EVKz8vGzAH). SMP: A high quality and friendly surviv...
Players Online: / 75
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New game modes Bedwars FFA PRACTICE pvp RolePlay Skyblock Oneblock Arcade games Survival 4 element bending And more come play and enjoy Join our discord for ...
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