Minecraft Spigot modded Servers

This is page 8 of the high performance Spigot modified servers list for Minecraft. Spigot is an optimized version of Craftbukkit that focuses on better performance and much smoother gameplay. More than 23,000 servers use Spigot (june 16. 2013) and this number expands daily.

Rank Server IP Address


#141 us

Welcome to Elysian! A survival SMP. Featuring Quests, KoTH, PvP, Teams, Bosses, and much more! Battle to gain the most power for your Order, and defeat the other Orders. Lar...
Players Online: 27 / 500
Votes (March): 130
Votes (all time): 414



#142 us

Server address and rules: aztecmc.org AztecMC is a vanilla raiding server. What that means is, weve got Essentials installed to protect spawn, and players can /sethome an...
Players Online: 2 / 50
Votes (March): 130
Votes (all time): 69447

AlathraMC - World Buildin
ABOUT US: Alathra is one of the top searched and played world building server in the world! Maybe you are looking to join one of the grand towns and nations across Alathra....
Players Online: 5 / 100
Votes (March): 127
Votes (all time): 10960



#144 us

BEDROCK PORT: 19132 Savercraft is a fun-to-play SMP Server with many unique features such as Bedrock & Java support, custom items, no grief, land claims, economy, and...
Players Online: 10 / 100
Votes (March): 126
Votes (all time): 25352



#145 ca

Monumenta is a free Survival-mode, action-oriented MMORPG, with a foundation in the Complete the Monument CTM genre of adventure maps. With over 20 huge, handmade dungeons,...
Players Online: 124 / 400
Votes (March): 123
Votes (all time): 36822



#146 us

MineGlobe is a Minecraft network featuring the Earth Survival gamemode. MineGlobe is a Minecraft network that offers a wide selection of gamemodes all featuring custom mo...
Players Online: 35 / 3000
Votes (March): 121
Votes (all time): 93691

DungeonDodge is a dungeon simulator server dedicated to providing you with a fun dungeon delving experience. Fight your way through rooms of custom enemies as a mage, tank, ...
Players Online: 17 / 100
Votes (March): 121
Votes (all time): 1323

WinterCrest SMP
The perfect server to make new friends! Looking for a non-grief community that welcomes you upon every login? Well WinterCrest is for you! We believe Multiplayer is for p...
Players Online: 3 / 75
Votes (March): 118
Votes (all time): 124545

Origins Reborn MC
Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey with Origins Reborn, a vanilla SMP Java/Bedrock server that redefines the game through the immersive Origins Mod. Our server int...
Players Online: 10 / 70
Votes (March): 117
Votes (all time): 3242

Just an Earth Server
THE TOP #1 BIGGEST EARTH MAP SERVER OF 2023 🏠 Looking for a server that's more than just a place to play? Just an Earth Server lets you explore the world like ...
Players Online: 9 / 420
Votes (March): 117
Votes (all time): 1130



#151 us

MineXO is an upcoming Earth Survival server which released in August 2021! Looking to branch into a large community, we're starting off with our 1:500 scale Earth Ma...
Players Online: 51 / 1000
Votes (March): 116
Votes (all time): 69561



#152 us

Queercraft is an all-inclusive Minecraft server for LGBTQ+ gamers and allies! Server IP: mc.queercraft.net Discord: queercraft.net/discord We hope to see you soon!...
Players Online: 4 / 250
Votes (March): 116
Votes (all time): 19500



#153 us

Ethercraft: A refreshing, immersive experience in Minecraft. Enjoy the classic plugins you love like Towny, McMMO, and Essentials, then prepare for stunning new features lik...
Players Online: 6 / 69
Votes (March): 114
Votes (all time): 321



#154 us

FlareMC is the BEST Public Lifesteal SMP! We're Available to both Bedrock & Java Edition of Minecraft IP - play.FlareMC.org Bedrock Port - 19132 Java Versio...
Players Online: 72 / 2000
Votes (March): 113
Votes (all time): 25158

Unleash your imagination in a galaxy where fun meets endless possibilities. InterstellarMC offers an exhilarating MMO-like experience, where every player's choice craft...
Players Online: 1 / 50
Votes (March): 113
Votes (all time): 714


Addstar MC

#156 au

Addstar MC
If you are looking for a fun survival server with a friendly player community, look no further! Our server is designed to be a kid/family friendly and fun environment for...
Players Online: 9 / 200
Votes (March): 112
Votes (all time): 101360

The Warden City
Warden City only has a few plugins to prevent grief, cheating and theft. The ranking system is based entirely on the number of times you vote for the server. This way, ever...
Players Online: / 45
Votes (March): 111
Votes (all time): 2384



#158 us

Join our thriving Minecraft survival server, where you'll find a thriving economy, anti-griefing measures, ranks to work towards, custom mobs to fight and explore, chal...
Players Online: 16 / 100
Votes (March): 107
Votes (all time): 66213

Introducing CarbonCraft – where Minecraft takes on a thrilling new dimension! Dive into the boundless world of CarbonCraft, the ultimate Enhanced Survival Multiplayer (...
Players Online: 9 / 100
Votes (March): 107
Votes (all time): 7673



#160 us

If youre looking for a fun, exciting, and customized minecraft experience, Mega Craft has something for you! We have three unique servers, each one with a variety of feature...
Players Online: 14 / 300
Votes (March): 106
Votes (all time): 50167