Minecraft PVE Servers

Here you can find page 5 of the Minecraft Servers with monsters and animals - PVE means Player vs. Environment.
This gameplay can be found both in Classic but especially in Survival servers.
PVE will give you a bit more intense feeling and you need to protect yourself when it gets dark.

Known monsters: Cave Spider, Enderman, Spider, Zombie Pigman, Blaze, Chicken Jockey, Creeper, Elder Guardian, Endermite, Ghast, Guardian, Killer Bunny, Magma Cube, Silverfish, Skeleton, Slime, Spider Jockey, Witch, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Zombie Villager, Iron Golem, Ender Dragon, Wither
Animals & Pets: Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Squid, Wolf, Bat, Mooshroom, Rabbit, Squid, Donkey, Horse, Mule, Ocelot, Snow Golem

Rank Server IP Address
New 1.20 world reset, 10k map, join for a fresh start! We're the most friendly survival Minecraft server around! Reasons to play on WilderCraft: > Helpful and a...
Players Online: 2 / 330
Votes (May): 978
Votes (all time): 389834

OrchardCraft Survival
OrchardCraft is a family-friendly SMP network. It's a perfect survival where you can meet new friends, establish your player shops, relax, and hang out! We have tons of...
Players Online: 8 / 500
Votes (May): 955
Votes (all time): 15250

Harry's Network
Harry's Network boasts a variety of exclusive, unique persistent gamemodes and minigames built from the ground up with custom-made plugins that are worthy of your time....
Players Online: 16 / 100
Votes (May): 942
Votes (all time): 43613

Newly Restarted Server, everyone is starting fresh! Drop Parties every Saturday! Tournaments every Sunday! Metronome Togepi Tournaments every Wednesday pure luck decides ...
Players Online: 7 / 100
Votes (May): 929
Votes (all time): 143520

SEASON 2 HAS JUST BEGUN! Come enjoy a brand new world and brand new content! PrismaCraft is a friendly, community-focused, towny server that is perfect for any Minecraf...
Players Online: 6 / 100
Votes (May): 911
Votes (all time): 28601

Join DoniBobes on his newest Minecraft Network. Are you the Troll? or will you get trolled? Join and find out. You may even find yourself in one of Doni's next YouTu...
Players Online: 25 / 3999
Votes (May): 890
Votes (all time): 10100

Want to play [1.20] Pixelmon Reforged? Watch our PERSONALLY made Tutorial from THIS Link: WWW.TINYURL.COM/INSTALLPIXEL [NOTE] It only takes TWO Minutes To Install throu...
Players Online: 8 / 75
Votes (May): 883
Votes (all time): 95887

Land of Legends is a survival server with a friendly and active community. We have many custom plugins and unique features including A full server storyline filled with ques...
Players Online: 12 / 500
Votes (May): 865
Votes (all time): 5666



#89 us

CubeCadia is not just a server; it's a thriving community of passionate Minecraft players. Join forces with fellow adventurers, forge alliances, and make lifelong frien...
Players Online: 21 / 100
Votes (May): 848
Votes (all time): 7166

ATM 9 ✴ Direwolf 1.20 ✴ FTB Genesis ✴ FTB Skies ✴ Create Astral ✴ StoneBlock3 ✴ ATM 7 SkyBlock ✴ SevTech ✴ Ozone ✴ DD&SS ✴ Enigmatica and More ! -...
Players Online: 32 / 500
Votes (May): 847
Votes (all time): 18254



#91 us

Acorn is a semi-vanilla survival multiplayer server with no grief, no theft, and PvP only in PvP arenas. Players can make their own shop starting day 1 and even set a warp ...
Players Online: 8 / 50
Votes (May): 840
Votes (all time): 85696



#92 us

Sick of joining server after server only to find pay-to-win donations, unhelpful staff, and the same old rehashed features? So were we! Thats why we created Vestria: a play-...
Players Online: 3 / 100
Votes (May): 832
Votes (all time): 41088

Roanoke Network is a NOP2W Cobblemon Network with multiple unique server styles to choose from. Whether you'd like to play on the OLDEST Cobblemon Server, or the latest...
Players Online: 20 / 100
Votes (May): 815
Votes (all time): 2555

Miner Metro
Miner Metro is a Towny server with lots to do. With hundreds of quests and many unique features and mechanics, you'll never find yourself bored. Unlike the average ser...
Players Online: 14 / 50
Votes (May): 788
Votes (all time): 1064

We have brand new Towny SMP and Pixelmon servers, join today to take part in the fun! Hello user! If you are looking for a fun, eventful, friendly Minecraft server look no ...
Players Online: 8 / 1000
Votes (May): 759
Votes (all time): 18126

sVanilla Survival
sVanilla Survival goes back to the roots of what a Semi-Vanilla SMP should be. Vanilla, with few quality of life modifications. We're dedicated to providing the old-sch...
Players Online: 12 / 60
Votes (May): 728
Votes (all time): 20350

MedievalMC is a unique Minecraft Survival experience, compatible with version 1.20+ and Bedrock edition. Players can explore an expansive feature filled world, with custom t...
Players Online: 23 / 2024
Votes (May): 709
Votes (all time): 3854



#98 us

A simple, friendly, land-claim survival server! No currency, no lag, normal mob spawning rates! No world border, basic rules, no weird, fancy mechanics and very few commands...
Players Online: 6 / 50
Votes (May): 708
Votes (all time): 78172

Original Sky Block
A Skyblock server where you and your friends can play skyblock. Make a skyblock and have friends join and build on it. Original skyblock has an amazing player economy where ...
Players Online: 6 / 100
Votes (May): 697
Votes (all time): 66942



#100 us

Sapphire just released with Season 2, meaning everything is reset, along with lots of brand new cool features like Skills, Jobs, Lands, Crates, Custom Terrain, Ranks & M...
Players Online: 15 / 150
Votes (May): 696
Votes (all time): 3718