Minecraft Prison Servers

Welcome to the world of a Minecraft Prison server! page 4 of Get ready to work hard and earn your way up the ranks. No more endless wilderness to explore, instead you'll be digging deep to earn your freedom.

PVP is allowed on these servers, but beware, some servers also have guards patrolling the prison to keep order. If you're caught with contraband items, you better watch out!

Step into the role of a prisoner and see if you have what it takes to climb the ranks and earn your release. Check out the list of Prison servers below and get ready for the ultimate test of survival.

Rank Server IP Address
# Prison 1.1 Update Introducing the new, fun and unique **cosmentics**! Purchased with gems, you can create an adventure specific to you. The new cosmentics offer differ...
Players Online: 1 / 1000
Votes (October): 11
Votes (all time): 2368



#62 us

Experience BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server - a long-running, drama-free, and inclusive community for adults. With spacious build areas and carefully curated plugins, ou...
Players Online: / 96
Votes (October): 11
Votes (all time): 6140

SkallCraft Network
SkallCraft Network es un servidor ambientado en lo profesional y bien trabajado para la diversión y buena experiencia dirigida hacia nuestra comunidad y abierta a nuevas pe...
Players Online: 5 / 500
Votes (October): 10
Votes (all time): 970

Welcome to Colossus Networkl! The definitive Minecraft server with a huge assortment of minigames for endless adventures and endless fun! - Survival - Factions - Prison ...
Players Online: / 1000
Votes (October): 9
Votes (all time): 9

[1.7-1.19] An Overpowered kitpvp server with many features and constantly updating. There are giveaways running in the Discord very often, and the owner listens to the commu...
Players Online: / 96
Votes (October): 8
Votes (all time): 748

[1.20] Seiky Network je #1 Minecraft Server. Nudimo veliku sirinu gamemodeva, kao sto su Prison, Skyblock, SkyPvP i Survival. IP: seiky.net Discord: https://discord.gg/...
Players Online: 2 / 1000
Votes (October): 7
Votes (all time): 145



#67 us

Welcome to Mythonia! A network unlike no other that combines features / concepts you all know & love while bringing in a completely all new set of unique experiences, cr...
Players Online: 129 / 1000
Votes (October): 6
Votes (all time): 46626



#68 us

OPRealms is a unique Factions server with many unique features like coinflipping, custom fishing, envoys, koths, daily rewards and much more! We have a friendly and welcomin...
Players Online: 17 / 1000
Votes (October): 6
Votes (all time): 4087



#69 us

VexedMC is a custom OP Prison server.We offer a lot of features you have never seen before. Our goal is to offer a good and unique server thats enjoyable for everyone. ...
Players Online: 3 / 1000
Votes (October): 6
Votes (all time): 77380

Alpha Prison is a new Prison server with Many Awesome Plugins and multiple goals to achieve! PVP arena Plots Lucky Blocks Plugin Prison Ranks A-Free And Awesome...
Players Online: 1 / 1000
Votes (October): 6
Votes (all time): 16148

MxRox Network
GTA (Guns) (PVP/PVE) - NEW Hunger Games (Guns) (PVP) - NEW! Factions (Guns) (PVP/PVE) - NEW! Mini-Games (Guns) - NEW! Vanilla One Block (From WelcomInTV) Vanilla SMP. ...
Players Online: 1 / 1000
Votes (October): 5
Votes (all time): 2570

Супер Hi-Tech сборка состоящая из: Industrial Craft 2 Experemental, Advanced Solar Panels, Gravitation Suite, Applied Energistics 2, Buildcraft, Forest...
Players Online: / 20
Votes (October): 5
Votes (all time): 1050

• LuckyMines is a Unique Prison server which supports Lucky Blocks and Plots. The server has fun features such as mine bombs which exist in 5 different forms and can be ea...
Players Online: / 96
Votes (October): 4
Votes (all time): 18



#74 us

ExodusMC is Network that specialises in Skyblock, Lifesteal, Prison, and SkyPvP. Start your adventure on our server today and meet new friends! Join the active growing commu...
Players Online: / 500
Votes (October): 4
Votes (all time): 3831

PlayerServers Always wanted to be able running your own server without having to spend a single penny Well youre in luck! On CubedCraft you can create your personal se...
Players Online: 15 / 2023
Votes (October): 3
Votes (all time): 11710



#76 us

Players Online: 12 / 500
Votes (October): 3
Votes (all time): 7

Good Gaming Network
OP SkyBlock - Winter launches December 12th! http://ggmc.me/update Fly for free. Make millions in a day. Then billions. Then trillions. Automate your island to work for ...
Players Online: 2 / 1200
Votes (October): 3
Votes (all time): 598588



#78 us

Keinett is a multi-server Minecraft community, we host the following game modes: - Skywars - Paintball - KitPvP Arena - Hunger Games - Prison - Factions - Skyblock ...
Players Online: 2 / 1337
Votes (October): 3
Votes (all time): 20553

Ashmount Prison server strives to return to the past regarding mining and having bare-bone items. I am single-handedly developing this server so feedback is much appreciated...
Players Online: / 120
Votes (October): 3
Votes (all time): 15

CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy serwer w Polsce! Wsparcie wersji: 1.7.2 - 1.17.1 Najnowsze wersje tylko u Nas! Wbijaj do nas na serwer CraftMC.PL Wbijaj zagra razem z na...
Players Online: 723 / 2000
Votes (October): 2
Votes (all time): 686