Minecraft Semi Vanilla Servers

SemiVanilla servers page 2 of are created using Bukkit/Spigot jars, and may have very limited plugin use.

Allowed plugins include

  • Essentials commands (/spawn, /sethome, /home, /vote, /rules, /list, /ping, /ignore, /helpop),
  • Anti-grief plugins (GriefPrevention, CoreProtect, PotionProtect, Reporter, WorldGuard/WorldEdit),
  • Voting plugins (Votifier, GAListener, etc.),
  • Lag-reducing plugins (ClearLagg).
All default Vanilla features are allowed.

Wrappers to allow for chat commands like .home, .spawn, etc. are allowed. Chat plugins (/ignore, chat filters) may be used. Plugins that change the playercount, scoreboards, or player list may not be used.
Any other plugins that are used may not affect gameplay for regular players. The non-native plugin features available to players are limited only to integral commands. Semi-Vanilla servers rely on command blocks to do everything else. These servers do not have economy, multi-world, or minigame plugins.

So, if you are looking for a minecraft server so close to vanilla as possible, but have the option to protect your home and get back home easy, then look in the list down below.
If you are looking for the pure Vanilla servers without any modifications at all, then check out the clean Vanilla category.
Semi Vanilla owners: Join our Discord.

Rank Server IP Address
V For Vanilla
- Semi-Anarchy no hack survival - World Border at 30M - No Map Resets - No tpa/sethome - Griefing & killing allowed - No duping allowed, except TNT dupers...
Players Online: 11 / 50
Votes (July): 246
Votes (all time): 12202



#22 ca

Looking for a laid back and friendly server with a focus on the community? Tired of Pay to Win servers that make it impossible to enjoy the game without paying for it? Want ...
Players Online: 5 / 75
Votes (July): 227
Votes (all time): 33303

AbsolutGG - Minecraft
🎉 Bem-vindo(a) ao AbsolutGG! 🎉 Você está pronto para a aventura? Explore nossos modos de jogo e divirta-se como nunca! IP JAVA: jogar.absolutgg.com.br IP BED...
Players Online: 32 / 130
Votes (July): 220
Votes (all time): 28987



#24 us

Realmfall is an upcoming MMORPG server that focuses on both Nations building and Roleplaying with a twist of RPG classes and skills to engage in intense PvP battles and more...
Players Online: 8 / 72
Votes (July): 216
Votes (all time): 262

Broomstix SMP
A new SMP server, Broomstix, has opened up and we are looking for players so that we can build a friendly community. IP: play.broomstix.net Ports: 25565 (Java...
Players Online: 2 / 32
Votes (July): 189
Votes (all time): 4825

ImagineCraft is a semi vanilla survival server with vote ranks (each rank provides more perks), monthly custom rares, friendly staff and a welcoming community ! In the Su...
Players Online: 3 / 69
Votes (July): 159
Votes (all time): 12228

Chill Vibes | Crates | Voter Ranks | Seasonal Events | Skripts | Discord | No Griefing | Grief Prevention | Homes | /SitMystic Valley Craft is a community driven friendly su...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (July): 157
Votes (all time): 5359

Getting back to basics! Enjoy survival and semi vanilla without the usual public server problems. Grief-free! With GriefPrevention, we have an unbeatable, easy-to-use ant...
Players Online: 2 / 25
Votes (July): 152
Votes (all time): 6719

Celestial Realms
Welcome to Celestial Realms! We are a mostly vanilla server with a few quality of life upgrades such as: Land claims to prevent griefing (which isn't tolerated anywa...
Players Online: / 25
Votes (July): 151
Votes (all time): 1733

Welcome to SurvivalMP! Were simply a Vanilla/Survival server with a friendly community of players. Rules: 1. No modded/hacked clients of any kind. 2. No dupes or expl...
Players Online: 15 / 400
Votes (July): 150
Votes (all time): 13135

Nomad Nation
Welcome to your new home, future Nomads! Public Survival server launched on December 29th 2023. Few features of our SMP: Economy Land Claims Warps Set Home Rand...
Players Online: / 200
Votes (July): 132
Votes (all time): 3217

Simply Vanilla
Welcome to Simply Vanilla! Since 2018, Simply Vanilla has focused on semi-vanilla, survival gameplay though we also incorporate a few lightweight plugins to make playing ...
Players Online: / 45
Votes (July): 111
Votes (all time): 35352

RoyaltyRealms SMP
Looking for a fresh SMP server to join? Check us out! We are a fresh new SMP server that includes custom blocks, cosmetics, and furniture! We also include some awesome new c...
Players Online: 2 / 125
Votes (July): 93
Votes (all time): 810

CopperCraft is a 1.21 whitelisted survival server designed specifically for adult players. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the game, CopperCraft offers ...
Players Online: 3 / 30
Votes (July): 89
Votes (all time): 123

Welcome to Aurora Worlds! We are a 1.20.4 Economy SMP server! Join us today to conquer a fresh new world. We offer over 50+ features for your enjoyment. Here's a quic...
Players Online: 8 / 300
Votes (July): 85
Votes (all time): 369

Folkhack's Server
Adult Minecraft community focused on building, redstone engineering, history, and collaboration. 12+ years of builds dating all the way back to alpha! Instant whitelist f...
Players Online: / 100
Votes (July): 84
Votes (all time): 1221

WildCraftMC Where the Wild, is home! In an endless sea of cold impersonal Minecraft Networks & Hub servers, WildCraftMC wishes to offer you something more meaningful...
Players Online: 1 / 120
Votes (July): 83
Votes (all time): 25743



#38 us

1.20.1 Updated Fresh Map w/Datapacks A vanilla+ experience with great people and simple gameplay. We're greylisted - you can join in the server but have to do a simpl...
Players Online: 3 / 96
Votes (July): 81
Votes (all time): 8003

Ravenkraft Nations
Ravenkraft is a niche community of city builders and transit junkies who love survival Minecraft. For the past 11 years, we have hosted a casual, friendly, PVE-focused en...
Players Online: 2 / 42
Votes (July): 81
Votes (all time): 5373



#40 us

Boomcraft is a chill relaxing server to hang around with your mates. It started as a project in late February which escalated into a bigger and more professional project. Ou...
Players Online: 2 / 100
Votes (July): 77
Votes (all time): 129