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Rank Server IP Address
What RulerCraft offers: Earth: - Full scale world of Earth with all continents, ores and different biomes. Towny: - Can start your own towns and nations or you can...
Players Online: 13 / 200
Votes (September): 2838
Votes (all time): 50621

Cobblemon Islands is a new Cobblemon server embracing exploration and collaboration! Earn unique rewards on a seasonal basis, including custom skins for your Pokémon! S...
Players Online: 30 / 80
Votes (September): 2765
Votes (all time): 7146

Altitude Community
Altitude is the best survival community for 1.20! Grab some friends, or make some new ones, and enjoy an awesome survival experience! Welcome to our tight-knit community! ...
Players Online: 8 / 100
Votes (September): 2629
Votes (all time): 360981

¿Necesitas una comunidad de Minecraft con altas prestaciones 👀? ¡Únete a MineBox Network! Somos el servidor número uno en calidad y modalidades, nos tomamos nuestro t...
Players Online: / 3000
Votes (September): 2559
Votes (all time): 14226

Safe Survival
Now on 1.20.1! Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! Keep Inventory - SMP - Land Claims - Community! Supports Bedrock / Java Crossplay! We are a non-hub server th...
Players Online: 2 / 150
Votes (September): 2497
Votes (all time): 746002

OmegaMinecraft Zoo
Welcome to the Home of VintageBeef, a family focused Network. Have you ever wanted to build your own Zoo or become a Pokemon Master and wished you could do it all in the won...
Players Online: 24 / 300
Votes (September): 2478
Votes (all time): 47703



#67 us

Minecraft fishing has been revolutionized with Fish On MC, a brand new fishing simulator with new fishing mechanics and over 200 new fish species. You are able to partic...
Players Online: 15 / 120
Votes (September): 2456
Votes (all time): 19190

The Deadliest Hardcore SMP! Everything in the server is custom-made even the plugins & commands. - Hardcore & Survival - Both Java and Bedrock - Free to Play -...
Players Online: 113 / 1000
Votes (September): 2310
Votes (all time): 17476

Welcome to SERB-CRAFT! A cracked server with its own AntiCheat! We offer a wide variety of fun servers ranging from Survival, Factions, OneBlock, and more! Our server'...
Players Online: 96 / 1000
Votes (September): 2307
Votes (all time): 47136



#70 us

A brand new Survival experience! Play with one of the biggest Survival YouTuber's Farzy, and join him on the friendliest Minecraft Survival Server out there! Bedrock...
Players Online: 32 / 100
Votes (September): 2286
Votes (all time): 18758

Imagine Fun
Welcome to Imagine Fun. The most realistic Disneyland in Anaheim recreation you can possibly imagine. Tons of players and tons of items to collect and trade! Come try out...
Players Online: 28 / 2023
Votes (September): 2252
Votes (all time): 306204



#72 us

FruitySMP is Minecraft's Largest LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server for both Java and Bedrock Edition, it was created by content creator Monjii after struggling to find a safe spa...
Players Online: 111 / 500
Votes (September): 2139
Votes (all time): 221581

The Universe
The Next Level Prison! We are a small community in a very adventurous & professional Prison server. Featuring many unique ways to battle yourself to the top: > M...
Players Online: 9 / 1000
Votes (September): 2106
Votes (all time): 32036

Armageddon Server
Armageddon Server - Servidor Survival Brasileiro Entre com o IP: armamc.com Aceitamos as versoes: 1.14 at 1.20.1 (Java e Bedrock Edition) Verso do Mapa: 1.20.1 (Caves &...
Players Online: 36 / 400
Votes (September): 2099
Votes (all time): 128373



#75 us

[1.20] [Java] [Vote Ranks] [Laid-Back] HAY YOU! HayCube welcomes you with open arms! We are a player-driven community that is very friendly! Come play now, solo or with frie...
Players Online: 18 / 500
Votes (September): 2048
Votes (all time): 29457

Empire Minecraft is far from your average Minecraft server. With a unique combination of PROTECTED town plots, wilderness outposts with optional ANTI-GRIEF PROTECTION, and a...
Players Online: 15 / 1000
Votes (September): 2023
Votes (all time): 397816

PocketPixels is a quickly growing network of Pixelmon and Faction servers! Our Pixelmon servers feature an excellent experience! PVP is disabled, but you can still build...
Players Online: 43 / 500
Votes (September): 1978
Votes (all time): 669045

Purity Vanilla
Purity Vanilla is a vanilla anarchy Minecraft server running since 23rd of March 2019, designed to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intend...
Players Online: 49 / 200
Votes (September): 1950
Votes (all time): 136819

We are a Minecraft survival server with a friendly community, fun events, and big ideas in mind. We aim to offer a true-to-game survival experience, adding a few quality of ...
Players Online: 16 / 125
Votes (September): 1930
Votes (all time): 55846

Welcome to CreativeFun! You can build, roleplay and even create your own minigames using your own builds on our server. Our features: - Large 512x512 plots - Advanced W...
Players Online: 17 / 2000
Votes (September): 1872
Votes (all time): 600862