Minecraft Bukkit modded Servers

This is page 2 of the modified servers list for Minecraft Servers. The use of Bukkit / Craftbukkit will enhance the server with a lot of great features, to help give the server more options/functions and it gives an gateway for plugin designers to make even more crazy functionality to the game.

Rank Server IP Address
Blockcraft is a Minecraft server on version 1.20.1 just waiting to be played! Land claims, toggle PvP, and a player-based economy are just a few of the features you will fin...
Players Online: 5 / 150
Votes (November): 611
Votes (all time): 4270

[1.20] Seiky Network je #1 Minecraft Server. Nudimo veliku sirinu gamemodeva, kao sto su Prison, Skyblock, SkyPvP i Survival. IP: seiky.net Discord: https://discord.gg/...
Players Online: 30 / 1000
Votes (November): 603
Votes (all time): 1377

HearthCraft is a no-griefing economy SMP with a 0% pay-to-win store (verify for yourself!) that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're expert...
Players Online: 17 / 75
Votes (November): 587
Votes (all time): 30406



#24 us

IP: MOOHUB.NET Join MooHub.net for professionally run servers with active staff! Servers: Towny/Survival, Semi-Anarchy, PracticePVP Having opened in January 2013, M...
Players Online: 2 / 1
Votes (November): 564
Votes (all time): 69270

CraftersLand StoneBlock 3
Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: sb3.craftersland.net Server Info: FTB Claims mod for base protection Economy - Se...
Players Online: 13 / 60
Votes (November): 535
Votes (all time): 1053

Hallowed Fantasy
Hallowed Fantasy is a competitive-based Pixelmon server, bringing you fierce Gym Battles, exciting weekly Tournaments, a friendly community, custom textured Pixelmon, weekly...
Players Online: 4 / 100
Votes (November): 531
Votes (all time): 97545

Tumbleweed MC
We are a Streamer Friendly network featuring Survival Eco, Slimefun, KitPVP, ManHunt, and Wild West. Java Server, with Bedrock support : ) [Survival Eco] - Classic survi...
Players Online: 28 / 2023
Votes (November): 524
Votes (all time): 16729

We started our modded network not just to play, but with a belief that we can offer the best experience for every single player.  Say goodbye to lag. With optimized TPS ...
Players Online: 17 / 32
Votes (November): 517
Votes (all time): 697

The Real Minecraft Community Prison. Not OP. Running since 2011. We have tons of custom gameplay suited for a community server and an active owner. Our mines are custom and ...
Players Online: 2 / 1000
Votes (November): 487
Votes (all time): 1597



#30 ca

Pixelmon Reforged: 9.1.5 Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 Website: https://www.pokemc.com/ Discord: http://discord.me/pokemc Donate: https://pokemcstore.tebex.io/ Welcome to...
Players Online: 4 / 100
Votes (November): 486
Votes (all time): 22922



#31 us

Cynagen basically a small server. A small server with a nice, welcoming, and wholesome community. A small server with a nice community. We are also an old Minecraft server. ...
Players Online: 16 / 40
Votes (November): 465
Votes (all time): 479



#32 de

Wir sind ein kleiner Freebuild RPG Survival Server, welcher versucht auf eine entspannte Weise etwas Story ins Spiel zu bringen. Dabei orientieren wir uns an Spieler ueber 1...
Players Online: 8 / 50
Votes (November): 426
Votes (all time): 13167

Players Online: 1 / 500
Votes (November): 414
Votes (all time): 176513



#34 gr

This is Minecraft ElytraBoxPvP Server Version 1.19 - 1.20.2 Custom Armors QuickDrop for site bug dm owner or store developer Join discord and join call with players for ne...
Players Online: / 200
Votes (November): 409
Votes (all time): 619

We are a fast growing, friendly and fun minecraft server community. Immortal Realms server was originally founded back in 2015. Come give it a try at play.immortalrealms....
Players Online: 10 / 500
Votes (November): 407
Votes (all time): 8596

Verdux Gaming
Welcome to Verdux, the server dedicated to you! We're a small, community-focused server, dedicated to providing a fun and lag-free experience to our players. We value o...
Players Online: 4 / 100
Votes (November): 365
Votes (all time): 20954

CityBuild - Java and mobile phone / tablet players on one server? No problem. Latest version 1.20 Enter the farm world and get the building materials to bring your property ...
Players Online: 17 / 350
Votes (November): 347
Votes (all time): 6662

BoxxyNetwork - Modded Net
BoxxyNetwork Who and what are we? We are a fairly new and recent modded minecraft server network, we host several modded minecraft servers and offer everyone support t...
Players Online: 26 / 1000
Votes (November): 330
Votes (all time): 720

Imperia 〢 Geopolitical
Imperia is a semi roleplay geopolitical Minecraft server and it advances this cause by implementing such plugins and game mechanics to best suit that purpose. However these ...
Players Online: 12 / 100
Votes (November): 325
Votes (all time): 564

Just Minecraft
Welkom bij Just Minecraft! play.justminecraft.nl PVE Minecraft survival, mcMMO en Advancements, wij zijn er gek op! Maar waarom zou je ons joinen naast deze al winnen...
Players Online: 4 / 100
Votes (November): 318
Votes (all time): 36354