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Our dedicated team aims to provide a unique and fun towny experience. Our staff team quickly responds to issues to better your overall experience. This is the best tim...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival Towny LandClaim
Players Online: 10 / 100
Votes (March): 299
Votes (all time): 606

Good Gaming Network
OP SkyBlock - Winter launches December 12th! http://ggmc.me/update Fly for free. Make millions in a day. Then billions. Then trillions. Automate your island to work for...
Version: 1.19 Survival Skyblock Prison
Players Online: 12 / 1200
Votes (March): 298
Votes (all time): 598085

PokeBalta Pixelmon 1.12.2 Minecraft Pokemon Sunucusu IP pokebalta.mcsunucun.com Discord dc.gg/Ejf7av8Q9d Kurulum ve Ogretici Videolar https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Pixelmon Prison
Players Online: 12 / 2022
Votes (March): 298
Votes (all time): 1041

BP Survival [1.19-1.19.4]
Hello Player! Looking for a fun, eventful, family-friendly minecraft server? Well look no further! This server includes land claiming, player shops, quest, player warps, and...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 6 / 50
Votes (March): 297
Votes (all time): 401

FraggleCraft - OP Prison
** 1.9 - 1.19.x Support** *Bedrock + Java Support!!* * 7 Years Running * === 1.19.2 SMP Features === Join us on a journey filled with excitement and wonder in our Mine...
Version: unknown Survival Prison LandClaim
Players Online: 9 / 1000
Votes (March): 296
Votes (all time): 14626

PORT: java edition default (25565), or bedrock edition default (19132) This is a normal survival server except with some quality of life plugins like right click crop har...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival
Players Online: 17 / 100
Votes (March): 290
Votes (all time): 1245



RebirthSMP - Rebirth is a roleplay, enhanced survival multiplayer. It boasts custom crafting, vein mining, tree chopper and features no other SMPs have. Sit around in a tave...
Version: 1.19.4 Semi Vanilla
Players Online: 7 / 100
Votes (March): 288
Votes (all time): 1072

Apollo Network
Apollo Network is a community based modded network. All servers include custom plugins, and custom mod edits and fixes. Apollo Network servers are very optimized and run on ...
Version: unknown Survival Skyblock LandClaim
Players Online: 2 / 1000
Votes (March): 286
Votes (all time): 22358

The GamesLabs Network
The GamesLabs network was once a popular Minecraft network. After a year of hardwork we are finally bringing it back to life! Checkout Minescape on https://minescape.net ...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival
Players Online: 20 / 200
Votes (March): 286
Votes (all time): 14084




You arrive at our server spawn, its time to explore the worlds of CubedMC! We are a PvE server. No-griefing and No-stealing guidelines are strictly enforced. Earn Mon...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival
Players Online: 2 / 50
Votes (March): 285
Votes (all time): 46766

Arcane Realms is a survival server with a twist! There will be exciting features that you really need to experience. Players suggestions will be notice! Responsible adminis...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Skyblock LandClaim
Players Online: 2 / 60
Votes (March): 281
Votes (all time): 1928

WarpedRealm.com: With a wide span of amazing features, dimensions to explore, custom made plugins and a lot more, your stay will never be boring. For more information about ...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 2 / 50
Votes (March): 277
Votes (all time): 1122




The Noobcore Network is a custom survival experience! No mods are required! Powered by a built-in, unique resource pack! We have amped up the vanilla survival experience wit...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 4 / 75
Votes (March): 277
Votes (all time): 1089

Come play 1.19 SURVIVAL! We have CUSTOM ITEMS, PLAYER SHOPS, TOWNS, EVENTS and a GREAT COMMUNITY! Applecraft has been online for 6 YEARS, and in this time we've perf...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival
Players Online: 193 / 300
Votes (March): 274
Votes (all time): 1453330

The Farm | Java & Bed
Welcome to The Farm! The Farm is a twist on popular prison and skyblock servers. Bedrock Port: 19132 How To Get Started: /island | Gives you access to your own privat...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival Skyblock Prison
Players Online: 6 / 144
Votes (March): 274
Votes (all time): 850




SuperPixel is an established Pixelmon server that is being actively worked on. It may be small but it has some experienced people behind the scenes. The server runs Pixelm...
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Pixelmon LandClaim
Players Online: 5 / 50
Votes (March): 271
Votes (all time): 18797


MC Exotic


Come play Minecraft on the MC Exotic server! The MCX is a 1.19.2 survival server with a ton of special features, such as vehicles, a black market, custom items, a fantasy wo...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 4 / 250
Votes (March): 271
Votes (all time): 506

Sistema de /rankup con el cual subs de rango al cumplir los objetivos del mismo, ganando comandos y otros beneficios que hacen querer llegar al ltimo rango, aunque no ser na...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival
Players Online: 6 / 32
Votes (March): 269
Votes (all time): 1093

HelloMiners is a modern city economy server started in 2011, one of the oldest communities in Minecraft. Our community is completely unique, there are few that are as close-...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 6 / 40
Votes (March): 269
Votes (all time): 45786

Super Fun Time
SuperFunTime is a diverse gaming community established in 2010. Our community is not just a place to play games with one another, but one where friendships are made and peop...
Version: 1.19.1 Survival
Players Online: 3 / 1
Votes (March): 268
Votes (all time): 133279