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McPVP - Capture the Flag - McCTF.com 1.4.6
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Join now and start fighting! Read below for the details.

Play as a Ninja! 

Play as a Dwarf! 


Advanced McCTF.com Tutorial


Written By: npengra317 [link] 

Hello everyone, today I will be demonstrating how to kick ass on mcctf.com. You see, all it takes, is a little bit of knowledge and practice. 

Part 0: Rules 

a. Food only affects your health bar, it will not affect your hunger bar, nor will you die from hunger. 
b. You cannot hurt your teammates, if you do, you may be banned. 
c. Stepping on Sponges will cause you to fly. Land on soul sand to prevent fall damage. 
d. Flags are located in the chests, blue flag is soul sand, red flag is netherack. To capture the flag, place your flag and your opponent’s flag in your chest. 
e. Whatever you do, don’t type in “/killstreak” it does not tell you how many people you killed, it just acts like the “/kill” command. 
g. The only mods that are allowed in minecraftpvp/ctf is opti-fine. 

Part 1: Classes 
So in mcctf.com, there are 4 classes available to everyone. The classes are: 


Premium classes that must be bought are: 


Let’s talk about the individual classes: 


To be an archer, simply type /archer into the chat bar. 

You will be equipped with the following things: 
- A Stone Sword 
- A Bow 
- 128 Arrows 
- A suit of Chainmail Armor 
- 4 Steaks 

- Your Stone sword only deals 2.5 hearts of damage. This makes it very difficult to kill anyone with your sword. 
- Your Bow takes a long time to charge, however it will deal from a range of .5 hearts to 4.5 hearts depending on distance of target, and how far back your bow was charged. 
- You cannot pickup arrows that you have shot. 
- Your Bow is enchanted with “Punch Level 2.” This means that whenever you hit something, you will send them flying. The closer they are, the farther they’ll fly back. 
- If you hit someone with your bow, who is stand more than 20 blocks away, you will instantly kill them. It will display “Headshot!” in your chat bar if you do. (Note: You do not need to hit the person in the head) 
- You can kill a /chemist with one shot of your bow, regardless of how far away you’re standing. (you cannot insta-kill chemists with your sword) 


If you chose to be an archer, it is recommended that you play on maps that are large with lots of bumps in terrain or many buildings where you can snipe from. When you’re an archer, it’s always best to remain hidden. Keep that pinky on the shift key. Try to gain elevation, so it’s easier to hit people with headshots. It’s beneficial to ask an engineer to place a cake near you so you get unlimited arrows, but it’s not always doable. Whatever you do, do not go for the flag; you are weak and you could be killed within a few hits. When someone is coming to kill you, don’t whip out the sword just yet, run into a narrow hall, where it is hard for someone to dodge your arrows and then shoot them down. You’re “Punch” enchantment should keep the enemy away, this only works if you have 2 or less enemies trying to kill you. At the final resort, just run into them doing as much damage as possible to them. (Suicide mission) 


When fighting an archer, try to have armor better than his; Diamond or Iron. When you attack, run in all directions, make it hard for the archer to hit you. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to be outnumbered 3:1 ratio. Archers are deadly within large groups, especially good ones. When you see an archer aiming for you, do not run away from them, run towards them. Therefore they cannot headshot you. If you’re an archer killing archers, just headshot them, do not charge, they will kill you in the end. Try to freak out the archer, make him pull out his sword, then kill him. 


- Try to spawn kill, when respawners are exiting the spawn, headshot them. It’s amusing to watch them rage anyway. 
- Help shoot enemies when your teammate is fighting one, if you’re lucky, you might get a headshot 


MinecraftMuse had a good idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci4mEEps6d0

And of course, spend time on mcctf.com! 


To be a medic, simply type /medic into the chat bar. 
You will be equipped with the following things: 
- Gold Sword 
- 10 Cobwebs 
- A suit of Gold armor 
- 6 steaks 

- Your armor will only take 78 hits before depleting. 
- Medics aren’t really built for combat, they would die before dealing any real damage to the enemy 
- Your sword only deals 2 hearts of damage (about the strength of a wood sword), making it useless to attack an enemy. 
- Whenever you hit your teammate with your sword, you will restore their entire inventory and their health. 
- Your cobwebs come in handy when trying to prevent someone to escape. 


A word to of the wise: Don’t go alone. Try to find a /heavy and follow him, heal him as enemies approach him. When enemies turn on you, place cobwebs to tangle them; then kill them with your sword. When you’re fighting someone try to keep moving, especially in elevation. When you jump up and down, falling down and attacking an enemy will cause you to deal 2.5 hearts of damage, rather than just 2 hearts; also keep in mind, when your attacking while gaining altitude, your sword will only deal 1 heart of damage. 

The most annoying thing about a medic is that it’s sword only gets to deal around 66-99 hearts of damage before breaking. (that’s about 33 clicks of whacking) hclewk changed this so that even if your sword breaks, it will respawn in your hand. Just whack a teammate with the slot that had your sword. It should re-appear, if it doesn’t open your inventory and double click on the slot that had your sword. 


Usually, you won’t find a medic charging for a flag, if you do, just go head on and kill them. Watch out for the webs though, they are deadlier than you think! If you’re an archer/medic and your trying to kill a medic, jump around and kill the medic. Don’t stand still. If you’re a soldier/heavy it will be easy for you just to jump in and kill them. 


Try to obtain a suit of gold armor in a survival singleplayer; then wait for night and see how many hostile mobs you can kill. Try to get at least 20 kills (without death) before considering yourself an expert at medic fighting. 

And of course, spend time on mcctf.com! 



To be a soldier, simply type /soldier into the chat bar. 
You will be equipped with the following things: 
- Iron sword 
- A suit of Iron armor 
- 4 steaks 

- You are weaker than the heavy soldier 

- You can climb walls by right-clicking a wall/ceiling/floor with your sword. 
- You cannot take fall damage, meaning that you can jump off a cliff and survive. 
- When you take the flag out of the opponent’s chest, you will not be poisoned by the flag. 
- Your sword does deal a noticeable amount of damage: 3 hearts, 3.5 if your falling 
- Your armor will absorb 166 hearts of damage before depleting. 


Because you can’t take poisoning from the flag, it is ideal for you to go for the flag! When you get the flag, try hiding in your spawn if you can, new players with new health will take care of the enemy for you. (Be careful of pyros and chemists, as their potions and fire will kill you) If you are just fighting, take advantage of your flying abilities. When you’re fighting someone, right click the ground to fly up; this helps you avoid damage and you can eat while you’re out of striking range. When you fall back down, strike the enemy with your sword to deal them 3.5 hearts of damage. 

Another ideal thing for soldiers, is to spawn kill the enemy. Despite the fact that it is frowned upon, it does cause the enemy a lot of pain. The more they are focused on killing you, the less focused they are on the game. Of course you’ll die in the end, you only have so much health. 


If you’re a soldier, attack them head on, fly up and down with them and constantly hit them. If you’re a heavy or medic, make sure that they cannot climb onto walls, try to force them into an open field. If you’re an archer, just keep shooting. When they get close, run to the nearest hallway (roof, floor, walls, small space) and keep shooting them. 


Go to a Player VS Environment/mob arena/PvP arena and see how long you can last with a suit of armor and an iron sword. 

And of course, spend time on mcctf.com! 


To be a heavy, simply type /heavy into the chat bar. 
You will be equipped with the following things: 
- Diamond sword 
- A suit of Diamond armor 
- 3 steaks 

- Despite your strong appearance, you are actually the worst class 
- Your armor protects you from as much damage as iron armor 

- Your sword deals 3.5 hearts of damage, 4 hearts if you’re falling and attacking at the same time 
- Your “Blue” suit causes fear in other players (If you are a soldier, would you attack a heavy?) 


You’re a heavy! Charge! Defend! You are the strongest! Not. You see, you have just selected the worst class there is. Generally, you can attack whatever you want: soldier, heavy, archer or medic, however, keep in mind that your armor only protects as much as iron armor. So you’re basically /soldier without all the perks, the only one is a strong sword. Try hitting your opponent while falling; you will deal .5 extra hearts of damage. Before attacking and charging for the flag, try to defend first. Heavy’s are intimidating when in groups, therefore making it difficult for a soldier to get the flag when 4 heavys’ are defending the flag. 


Do not let their appearance fool you, the only thing you should fear, is their sharp mind. Depending on how good the player is, try to outsmart the heavy. If you’re a soldier, hit them and fly to the top of the wall. They can’t attack you, once they lose focus, hit them again. Repeat. Archers, ready that bow! Fire at them, so they bounce back, then dash forward (hit w twice) and strike them. Retreat and repeat. Medics, don’t even bother attacking them. It’s useless for you to do so. Heavy, just full on charge and rapid click, Do not eat until you are at 3 hearts. If you are at 3 hearts, back up, eat, and attack again. 


You don’t need diamond armor, try to get full iron armor and a diamond sword in your SSP world. Then, go out at night and fight them monsters! How long can you last? 

And of course, spend time on mcctf.com! 


Premium classes, they do have their perks! In the following tutorials, I’ll explain in more detail, however let’s answer the most urgent question here: How do I get premium classes? Premium classes can only be bought. Here are the prices: 

Single Classes: 
Engineer $1.99 
Pyro $2.49 
Ninja $2.49 
Chemist $4.99 

Pyro, Engineer, Ninja $5.49 
Pyro, Engineer, Chemist $7.99 
Pyro, Engineer, Ninja, Chemist $9.99 

Vip/Mvp Status: 

VIP (Along with all classes for free on mcctf.com, you get perks on f.mcpvp.com and mcpvp.com) 
1 month: $5.00 
6 months: $25.00 
1 year: $45.00 

MVP (Vip with lots of extras) 
1 month: $10.00 
6 months: $50.00 
1 year: $90.00 


To be an engineer, simply buy the class and type /engineer into the chat bar. 
You will be equipped with the following things: 
- Wooden Sword 
- Diamond Pickaxe 
- Iron Helmet and Boots 
- Leather Chest-plate and Leggings 
- 64 arrows 
- Portal 
- Cake 
- 6 steaks 

- You have really weak armor 
- Your sword is really weak as it only deals 2 hearts of damage (about the strength of a gold sword) 
- Depending on your hiding skills, you are a vulnerable target, as leather is the weakest armor in the game 
- Basically, it’s like having 100% leather armor because your Iron armor prevents very little damage 
- You cannot headshot anyone with your turret 
- Your turret does not have the “Punch II” enchantment 
- You cannot retrieve arrows 
- The “con” list is long 

- Your turrets are rapid fire 
- Cakes not only restore your health, they completely reset your inventory 
- This list may be short, but they are the most advantageous pros 

So you managed to get Engineer! Congratulations! Let’s answer your most likely question: HOW THE #[email protected]% DO I PLACE A TURRET/CAKE?! In mcctf.com, instead of right-clicking, you must left click. As if you are whacking the block. Your object will appear. Turrets will appear with a fence post with a dispenser on top. Right-click the dispenser with your pick-axe or wooden sword, put your arrows in. Do not let it fool you, it will fire in a 360 degree range, not just the direction where the hole is facing. There are two ways to make it fire. A. it will do it automatically. It will fire at the closest enemy and, this also means that it will fire at enemies that are hiding behind walls. (Therefore making it a good enemy radar) B. where you can right click a block or person, an arrow will fire at it. It will fire as fast as you click. You also are probably wondering what that portal block is doing in your inventory. Right-click it on a block, a workbench with a Redstone torch will appear. Build two of those and your teammates can teleport between the two by standing on it. However, there is a 5 second cool down, so some will have to wait. 


You have an ability to build a “camp.” Try to follow an archer, when the archer stops to fire at enemies, setup a cake and turret. Always set up the turret first to keep incoming enemies away. So then buy yourself some time and place a cake. While hiding with the archer, take a bite of cake every time your arrows in your inventory (not the turret) is depleted, so you always can whip out a fresh set of arrows. If an enemy tries to attack you, don’t attack him, let the turret automatically fire at him. However, hit him rapidly (with your fist, just make him flash red and jump back) if he even DARES to break your cake. Every time you take damage, eat some cake/pork. Either he’ll die, or he’ll leave because he only has so much health. As for you: you have unlimited with that cake. 


I would not full on attack. I would first break the turret while remaining hidden! Don’t break the dispenser, break the fence with your sword. Then destroy the cake. Then beat the engineer as fast as you can. If you have a sword stronger then iron, you don’t need to jump up and down to add the extra .5 hearts of damage. Just kill that sucker. Engineers in large numbers are dangerous, when attempting so, try to headshot them or light the place on fire. Try to remain unnoticed. Secrecy is the key. 

If you even have the guts to place a turret, cake or teleporter in your own spawn to prevent anyone from leaving spawn. Then you will be banned, depending on your history, you may get off with a warning. Either way, do not do it. It’s Bannable offense. 


To be a pyro, simply buy the class and type /pyro into the chat bar. 
You will be equipped with the following things: 
- Diamond Axe 
- Flint and Steel 
- Bow 
- 20 arrows 
- A suit of Leather armor 

- You have really weak armor 
- When your Flint and Steel breaks, you must respawn to get a new one 
- 20 arrows isn’t much, the only way to get more is to respawn 

- Your Axe deals the same amount of damage as a sword, 4 hearts of damage, 4.5 if you are falling and striking 
- Your arrows explode on impact and light surrounding things on fire 
- If you hit someone directly with your arrows, you will light that person on fire 
- You are fire-proof and will not receive damage 
- Hit someone with your axe while they are on fire and you will instant-kill them 

Ever wanted to be a pyromaniac? Just pay the low price and you can start lighting kids on fire today! See lava pool? No problem! Jump in and enjoy that nice “steam” bath. You can’t be hurt! Light kids on fire and axe them back to instantly kill them! Isn’t it great!? But be careful, you can only light so many fires with your flint and steel! Call now to order now! If you order in the next .5 seconds, you will receive a free puppy! (Batteries not included) 

So, as a pyro, your teammates expect you to NOT set them on fire and expect you to attack the other team. When you bring out your flint and steal, try light the victim on fire. Either draw a line of fire in front of him or circle him with fire. Once he’s on fire, hit him with your axe and instantly kill them. Be careful, if your opponent is another pyro, then do not allow yourself to be lit on fire. As the other pyro can instant-kill you as well. Whenever you can, try to just kill someone with just your axe, your flint and steel will not be replaced once it is all used up (*COUGH hclewk should change that COUGH*) Your bow and arrow can be used to light people on fire as well, even through walls. If you see a sucker quickly hide behind that wall, fire a round into the wall and watch him scream with his ass on fire. Take that chance to axe him. 

Careful of that flint and steal, do not move in predicable patterns. He can place fire wherever he wants. Whenever he’s hesitant, dash forward and hit him so he flies back. Repeat. If you’re a pyro, just light him on fire and instant kill him. Sucker. 

If you even have the guts to light your team’s spawn on fire, then you will banned. Hurting your own teammates is a bannable offense. 


To be a ninja, simple buy the class and type /ninja into the chat bar. 
You will be equipped with the following things: 
- Golden Sword (Unbreaking V and Sharpness VI) 
- 10 eggs 
- 10 Ender Pearls 
- 64 Redstone 
- 15 minutes of Speed 

- Life as a ninja is rather fast if you’re unskilled. No armor = fast damage 
- Your sword will not be replaced once it has depleted 
- Invisibility doesn’t last very long, only up to 32 seconds 
- No instant health 

- Your sword will deal 4 to (rarely) 9.5 hearts of damage per strike, however you cannot control the value of extra damage; it is random 
- Your speed makes it difficult for any other person to catch up with you and kill you 
- When you hold redstone in your hand, it will cause you to become invisible to the enemy be aware that it takes 2 seconds before you are invisible 
- Throwing eggs will confuse the opponent 
- crouching and walking with your gold sword will restore your inventory 

So, you think what it takes to be a ninja? Yeah, I bet you do. So the best part about ninjas, is that they have the most special abilities. So, let’s start out egging people. You’ll notice that you’ll start out with 10 eggs. Whenever you through these eggs, you’ll cause an explosion at where they land. Anyone caught in the radius of the explosion will be blinded. When an opponent is blinded, you cannot see any more than 5 blocks in front of you. It’s just like entering the bedrock level. Don’t use them in a hurry, as you will only get 10, please note that eggs do not give damage. Whenever you are using eggs, try to through them into populated areas to cause the most damage. For example, through it at an island of archers, or the opponent’s spawn. The other notable cool thing about ninja is invisibility. Hold the redstone in your hand, don’t click, just hold it in your hand. It will the number of redstone will slowly deplete. When it does that, It means that you are invisible to the opponent. Crouching while doing so will extend the time you are invisible. Think of it this way, the faster you dash, the faster the time you are invisible. Ender pearls are pretty self-explanatory, you teleport as you would in ssp. Now, time for that urging question: how do you heal? Simply crouch with your sword in your hand and walk around. Your health will slowly regenerate. 

When you play as a ninja, try to think like a ninja. Don’t be stupid and attack head on. Be stealthy, dash around the map, but whatever you do, don’t go for the flag. It’s not your job, that job is for the soldier. So instead, try killing the opponent that has the flag. Try being an assassin. (hclewk should add 4 poison potions to the class, to be like a grenade) Proper attack sequence: Through an Egg at the person, Dash up behind him, beat him up – rapid click – then run/teleport away. 

There’s no real way to detect a ninja if you have not bought a premium class. The only way you can detect ninjas, is by setting up a turret (engineer class) and watching where the turret fires at. It will shoot at invisible ninjas. Once you are actually fighting one, strike as much as possible. Don’t attack ninjas if you’re an archer. Your armor will not last long enough to completely kill a ninja. Everyone else, rapid fire with that sword.

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