DaedalusCraft 1.14.4

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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: Play.Daedaluscraft.network

Greetings Fellow Minecrafters!

Today, Id like to introduce to you a new 1.12.2 survival server called DaedalusCraft. Were based around a main survival world with GriefProtection, Warp portals and more but also have a few side worlds such as PvP where players can battle each other and become king/queen of Pvp. At DaedalusCraft we focus on 3 points to ensure the best experience for every player.

Firstly, we focus on player experience over player count. This means were more interested in knowing each and every player and what they like about Minecraft and the server instead of cramming as many players on the server as possible. As a result, we have a small but tight-knit community and a small server which has its advantages such as:

No grief/hackers,
Players get along with each other
More server resources for redstone farms, plugins and worlds

Secondly, plugins. We dont run thousands of useless and unused plugins onto the server just for the sake of having many plugins for players. Instead, we install plugins that the playerbase recommends and finetunes the plugins until players are happy with them. This way plugins are actively used by players and the server isnt running unnecessary plugins. Additionally, this helps with keeping chat free from plugin spam and players getting confused at plugins. Heres a small list of some of the plugins we have running:


Thirdly, Communication We have our own Discord server! Woooo!. This means when you go offline on Minecraft and escape into the real world youre able to message your friends and chat to staff members through the discord chat. Players in our Discord get updates on the server and new plugins as soon as theyre added. Heres our link: Discord!

I hope to see a new players join and enjoy the server. As were a new server, well be adding many new features and plugins to get properly up and running, so bare with us as we create the best survival experience possible!

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