Mayhem Factions 1 8-1 12 1.12.2

Mayhem Factions 1 8-1 12
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towns will have shops to sell shit , and use money to buy better equipment to fuck other factions up. .... or dont even get involved with that and do your own thing , and just do survival and mini games ......... yea there will be a lot of fucking ppl up here , map will be set sorta like bdo , towns safe zones will have to travel by horse between towns etc ...towns will be connected with long pathways, all areas outside of towns will be pvp enabled , so the walkways connecting towns might have like , a faction camped out there waiting for players to go by to gank them. pathways will have things like watchtowers , ungriefable, but usable by players to hide and gank others, or to run from others and try to defend in tower from rival faction.

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