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Hello, Welcome to our server post everyone!

StolenCraft invites you to read-on about its unique and quirky server features. We are a Factions server, with a range of fun and interactive plugins to make your game-play experience on our server just that much better. We are a growing community, building ourselves on values of loyalty, trust and most of all fun. We offer unique rewards, fun server wide time-of-the-year events to be involved in, constant attention to server game-play and frequent updates and tweaks to ensure game-play is optimized for our players and much more! Keep reading to find out more about what our server features and what we have to offer!

We have many features to offer here on StolenCraft that differ us from other Factions servers:

Factions - We offer the old Factions1.6 but with a twist, you can now upgrade mechanics such as crop growth rate in faction claimed land. Additionally you create a faction vault that is accessible from anywhere! War over land with this unique build of factions!

1.8PvP - Hate the new combat mechanics So do we! On StolenCraft you can experience all the features of the newer minecraft versions while simultaneously having the old combat. Old God Apple effects included!

Gen-Buckets - Sick of all the work associated with creating a massive base, only for it to be destroyed On StolenCraft you dont need to worry about that! Here you can easily generate a wall from sky limit to bedrock with the simple place of a bucket!

GuiShop - Hate how to sell items you need to go to the hassle of warping to a shop This isnt an issue on StolenCraft as we offer a unique /shop gui enabling users to both purchase and sell items on the go!

Mcmmo - Almost a standard for all servers, Mcmmo has been tweaked on StolenCraft to remove all of those overpowered abilities in PvP, making it alot more balanced and fun!

Crates - StolenCraft offers an intuitive crate system, enabling users to earn unique rewards through our Crates. Not only this but warning they are highly addictive!

Voting - We value the contribution made by our players when voting, this is why we have a unique voting rewards system rewarding users per vote, but also for the amount of cumulative votes made and finally a chance reward system to receive even more special goodies!

Custom Enchants - Ever wanted to be able to smite your opponent on impact with your arrows On Stolencraft you can with our very unique custom enchantments!

Bounties - Ever really want someone on the server killed StolenCrafts easy to use bounties plugin enables you to take out a hit on a player but also, level up your bounty level by completing active bounties yourself!

Obsidian Destroyer - This is a must have factions plugin and StolenCraft offers it. Sick of stupid unraidable obsidian bases in the sky On StolenCraft multiple TNT hits to obsidian will destroy it, regardless of whether it is covered by water or not!

ComatLogger - StolenCraft offers a customized combat logger, that not only prevent pesky Combatloggers, but also prevents the use of commands and many other features while tagged in combat!

Custom Plugins - Amongst the plugins above, we also offer a variety of unique and awesome plugins utilized primarily to ensure your in-game experience on StolenCraft is nothing other than exceptional. To list a few of the many a convenient /warps menu, the blocking of Shulker boxes in enderchests and many more!!

Server Website - StolenCraft offers its players an awesome website. Here you can read up about server changelogs, communicate with other server players, report server issues and support the server by donating for cool and unique server perks and rewards!

These and many more features await you if you choose to play on StolenCraft. So, what are you waiting for! Join today and become a part of the awesome community that is StolenCrafts minecraft server!

Server Links:

Website link: http://www.stolencraft.net

Official server Discord: https://discord.gg/gYSRzvG

Support Email: [email protected]

Thanks for reading!, have an awesome day lovely people!~