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A mix between survival and prison, automated anti-grief, raiding, and full-featured teleportation. All of this with no commands.

~~ Afterlife ~~
When you start the game, you are imprisoned in the Nether. But dont worry, you can earn your way out by completing the Nether Trials which are a mix between quests and prison. After that, you respawn in survival, and when you die, you have to do the Nether Trials all over again.

~~ Natural Protection ~~
A custom land protection that is based on where and how much you build instead of how long you have played and what you have manually selected. All you have to do is build something, and right-click it with a piece of paper. You can use the menu to add your friends, and more.

~~ Raiding PvP ~~
Most servers either allow griefing Factions, Anarchy, etc. or allow you to steal items from the few chests that arent protected. On Realm of the Winds, you can steal and kill so long as you can figure out how to get to the chests without breaking any rules mainly, no griefing.

~~ Warp Menu ~~
No cheaty commands for teleports. Instead, you craft a compass which presents an easy-to-use menu. The server is split into multiple realms, and your location in each realm will be saved. Instead of /home and /sethome, use a bed to set home, and a compass to teleport.

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