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- The Club -
Medieval Roleplay Server

The Club is a Medieval Roleplay Server. We have a complete player-run economy, a full quest system implemented. A detailed lore, a stunning custom map with a fleshed out city, villages and Point of Interests. We have thought of every possible thing to make your experience on the server enjoyable!

We want the players to continue the story of the world with interesting events such as wars, revolts, etc. Players can start their own business, go for the throne of Emporia and much more.


Kingdom of Emporia

The Kingdom of Emporia are the people who live on the lands of Emporia.

The Khu-Karak Orcs

The Orcs are the native race to Emporia, but were knocked back in to the Northern Mountains after many battles with the people of the Kingdom of Emporia.


Current Ruling Family:

The Blackwoods

The Blackwoods came in to power when Henry Blackwood and his banner men marched on to Stormpoint City with the goal to take the throne from the Bycrofts. The Mage Guild of Stormpoint didnt come to the Kings for an unknown reason, resulting in the Blackwoods taking the Throne. Since then the family and the Mage Guild have worked closely together.


Check out the Dynmap:
The Lore of the Server: www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/1279782/The-Club-Emporia-History-Timeline/

Feel free to also join our Discord Server:

Thanks and hope to see you on the server soon.

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