Crosscraft 1.14.4

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Hello I own a server called CrossCraft, we are a new community and I am trying to get more members. The map never gets reset our server is based around the same idea that Hermitcraft is, sections of the map are for different build types and generally we try to all get along and have a good minecraft experience.

If you are interested in joining the server then please fill out a application and join the discord at Griefing, being an asshole etc. is not allowed. You can prank your fellow server members but please keep it light hearted, for example if you destroy somebodies base and say it was a prank you are going to be banned and the map will probably be reset.

We will have a physical map with the territories marked out soon, When you do join the server you can ask where to go for your build type, we currently have zones for Futuristic, Modern, Medieval, Fantasy, Industrial, Tundra, Waterworld, Shopping district, Rustic, and Ancient. We will always be adding new zones to the world and if you have a specific design you want to do that isnt on this list let me know.

Here is the application to join, Hope to see you all in the server!


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