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It has been near twenty years since Kynthene Blackthorn has claimed the throne of Arthuria through scheming and treachery, taking down his entire house to claim it. Now, old and weak he can only watch as his Kingdom crumbles due to his greed. The lord and ladies of the land gather like vultures, ready to squabble over the remains when his inevitable death arrives. The militant Neufel in the East muster, ready to take back their crown after being humiliated not even one century past. The Shardfolk huddle in their seal skin tents in the West, bickering amongst themselves, just waiting for a leader to lead them to war with the stout Morynians across the channel. And in the center of it all the Numerians plot to bring back their sacred Empire of old, which they can scarce remember these days. Through it all darker forces stir, their hunger brought to the surface by the smell of blood. Who will you fight for?