Pandacraft 1.12.2

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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Modded minecraft server with a few mods. If you cant connect, use Direct Connect at the bottom of the screen. Or reload your server list.
Spawn is in between a plains biome and Extreme hills biome. It is located in a village. There is a large and navigable road network.
Mods included: Weather2 Localized Weather Mod[Dependency: Coroutil]
Immersive Engineering Requires Latest version of 1.12.2 forge
Crayfishs Furnature Mod
Crayfishs Gun Mod [Req. Obfusticate]
Crayfishs Device Mod
Gitweb Builder [Req. Crayfishs Device Mod]
DaVinchis Vessels [Req. Movingworld]
Chisels and Bits