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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.itsmeow.dev

PIDMC - play.itsmeow.dev MC
play.itsmeow.dev or PIDMC is a 1.15.2 semi-vanilla survival and creative server aimed at improvement based on the communitys needs and feedback. We aim to cater towards a strong community and create a server where players feel included in something much larger.
its_meow, the owner, is an experienced developer of Minecraft mods and plugins, meaning that the server can be improved more directly towards a vision through development, no middle-man.

PIDMC has a really fun and engaging custom ranks system that rewards you for your playtime and dedication to the server, giving you unique rewards at every level and improving your gameplay experience.

Server Specs:
8 core Intel Xeon processor
High Speed SSD
600 Mbit/s ports

Creative Plugins
Building Utilities Tons of useful tools
Armor Stand Tools
Powered by PlotSquared v4

Survival Plugins:
Dynmap View a map of the server
Essentials tpa, home, all that
GriefPrevention Claim land
TreeCapitator Trees fall instantly
BossShops GUI Shops/Voting Shops
Donation Goal Custom Plugin, shows donation goal on the sidebar
VotingPlugin Voting Rewards
Better Mending Improves how mending applies to items and armor
OldCombatMechanics Makes spam-clicking more viable
CoreProtect Can rollback griefs if you forget to protect land
Chairs Take a seat on those stairs
WildTp Teleport somewhere random
WorldBorder Keep the community close

The ranking system on PIDMC is a unique one where each minute you play, you gain Activity Points. These points expire one month after the time they were earned, and being over certain thresholds gives you ranks. These ranks range in rewards from /back to flight!

For more info, check out our website: https://play.itsmeow.dev/
View our dynmap: https://play.itsmeow.dev/dynmap/
Join our discord: http://discord.play.itsmeow.dev/

Dynmap, Essentials, GriefPrevention, TreeCapitator, BossShopPro, DonationGoal, BetterMending, OldCombatMechanics, CoreProtect, Chairs, WildTp, WorldBorder