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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: realmspvp.icu

IP realmspvp.icu
What Is RealmsPVP?
RealmsPvP is an old school minecraft prison server.
Not pay-2-win completely EULA friendly!
We feature a unique ranking and game progression!
Quest system with a deep lore and story!
We also have a mature and active community.
I am actively playing the server every day adding new things and updates daily!
Each rank allows you to combine items obtainable in prior ranks to make something new!
Money printers - An illegal item, if found on plots you get fined with in-game money
Items each have their own unique way of being obtained
Zombie survival area
Great pvp areas to fight in! 1.8 combat
Player run marketplace
Custom mob drops | Custom sized plots
Unique in game bombs that can be thrown to explode an area.
Daily custom events Spleef,pvp brackets,parkour ect
A realistic progress system where its always a challenge but never tedious!
Many different routes to obtain money
Hunger games - We also have hunger games on the server!
Lottery - Players can buy lottery tickets for 100 in-game currency, winner takes all
Massive builds to explore!
Over 50+ different npc players to interact with!
Great community with an active discord
Survival server - standard survival no server shop or currency!
Tons of parkour maps to complete all with there own rewards!

Where you can find us:
Servers Discord - https://discord.gg/NAjUvxQ
Website - https://rpvp.enjin.com/
Server IP - realmspvp.icu
Version - 1.15.2 - 1.16
Hope to see you online! :D