Magnus Malum 1.15.2

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Magnus Malum is a server with a little bit of everything.
The only rules are no exploiting/cheating, no ruining the servers integrity lag machines, and no racist remarks. We are stream/video friendly.

But apart from that, it is intended to be chaotic. Weve geared the server to be able to be taken over by players like you. The Gods only wish to watch humanity make choices they wouldnt normally if given the chance. Run the entire kingdom, help your friend run his, or just survive and trade with players. Do what you want.The Gods will not stop you from slaughtering the innocent, and the Gods will not listen to you repent after doing so. This world is our Television Show in Medieval times, if you will. But for the average player, it is Survival+
This world is all about what humans would do, if given the chance..

Classes, Skills, and Custom Mobs/Bosses are being added constantly, so keep checking back!

A full tutorial is available at our website: and on our discord:

Factions, MMOCore, MythicMobs, Bounty, JetCharacterSheets, BagOfGold, Trading, MobHunting