PlebCraft 1.16.5

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Come join us in Plebcraft, a small community of players who are just building their towns and mining diamonds.

The server includes an up-to-date McMMO, Towny, DynMap,.and a few small modifications like Ender Dragons dropping Elytra to keep things moving fast. Our economy is based on diamonds- diamonds are 1-to-1 with each users economy balance and can be used in conjunction with Chest Shops in towns. Join today, build yourself a town, join a nation, and start something great!

We plan to eventually use this server to create a community video series similar to those like HermitCraft, Legacy SMP and others but with our own unique twists to keep things interesting. The addition of McMMO allows for a semi-balanced but faster approach at achieving in-game goals without having to spend entire workdays on the server to achieve the same effect. We respect that people have lives outside of Minecraft and that not everyone is earning a living by playing it! :

We also will never ask for donations, nor will ever offer rank purchases. Our server is completely free to play, and offers no benefits for monetary reward. The server is run entirely by the owner at their own expense with no expectations to fund it with players. We just want to have a good time like everyone else.

Towny, McMMO, Essentials, Dynmap, ChestShop, RandomTeleport